Hi folks - wave if you're on the July 6th-13th trip...


Hi Eric,

I'm Rob from merseyside. Joining you soon it seems. I take it you're leaving from Heathrow too? 


Training has not gone too well. I was doing quite a lot of running (25 miles a week - another hobby of mine) but a groin/thigh strain has kept me out for two months!

Gym visits have helped but I don't think my fitness will be that good. Unfortunately.

Like you I'm not sure what to expect. 


Hey Rob

Actually no - I'm braving the early morning Ryanair flight from Luton... saves a few quid! Departure time's not ideal but it does give me pretty much a full day in Marrakech on the starting Sunday...

How are you approaching the trekking in terms of fitness/training? I'm curious to see how a rating of 'challenging' actually pans out... but I've been in the gym quite a bit just in case!


Glad I signed onto this, just noticed the Heathrow reference - I thought we were going from Gatwick. And my itinery says we leave Saturday evening.

 Always pays to read these documents I suppose, will need to phone and check up.

 And I booked this trip rather than doing it on my own to avoid any hassle!


Another one for the 6th-13th, I'm Stuart from Glasgow. We all solo so far?

Really looking forward to it, feel ok about fitness, just hoping I can deal with the heat. Was mountain biking in Ft William this weekend with temperatures in the mid-twenties and was struggling a bit. I've a feeling Morocco might be a bit hotter!


Hi Stuart

All solo's so far... I guess it was too much to hope for a ladies netball team ;-)

What itinerary are you referring to that says Saturday evening? 


I had a minor brainwave and compared how Exodus rates Kilimanjaro (Shira route) which I did a few years ago - they call it Challenging/Tough so now I have a benchmark.  Course if you haven't done Kili it doesn't mean much... Subtracting the effect of the 5000m+ section of Kili suggests Toubkal will be fine as long as you can put in a long day in the UK hills  without keeling over at the end of it.

I was fairly fit then - though hardly in peak condition.  With that in mind I rejoined the gym and have had a personal trainer the last few weeks, so I'm hoping to manage this without too much difficulty... famous last words?


Exodus confirmed that I am flying from Gatwick on the Sunday along with the rest of the group. Bit of a c0ck up on the booking it seems.


Strange that. I've just had confirmation that I'm flying from heathrow. apparantly there's 16 of us.



Yeah, so it appears... more than I imagined there would be.  Still room for that netball team then ;-


Obviously no-one else wants to speak to us! Only a few days to go now and I can't believe I've picked up another injury! A bang on my calf has made my whole ankle bruised and swollen. I'm determined to go though, and it is clearing up but my training's taken a further knock.

My flight gets in at 10:00 pm local time so it'll be late by the time I get to the hotel. (I'll be the skinny one!)

I'll keep an eye out for that netball team though! 



I've been trying to avoid anything risky but still managed to almost turn my ankle over and twist things playing a bit of park football... my training's gone pretty well but I'm slightly paranoid about ruining it at the last minute!

Also trying to avoid getting the cold that's going around... would be a nightmare.  I noticed it was 42C in Marrakech the other day... that's slightly concerning.  Must be cooler in the mountains but... sheesh!

I'm arriving super early on the Sunday so might have already had a wander in Marrakech and will be dying of heatstroke by the time everyone else turns up...

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