Avenue of Volcanoes 9th Nov

Just to say hello to anyone else who'll be on this trip & are you doing the Cotopaxi extension?


Hi Val,

I am going on the trip and doing the Cotopaxi climb.  Really looking forward to it and trying to get fit ready for it!  David

Rob A

Hi all,

 Im currently saving up to hopefully go on this trip next year. Hope you have a great time and let us know your highs and lows, hints and tips etc when you get back. cheers




Hi, Not long to till we go on this trip - getting very excited. I'm doing the Cotopaxi extension - just need to make sure I'm fit in time!!! 

Look forward to meeting you in November


Counting down the weeks - just had the additional bill for fuel surcharge; I'm just glad I got my dollars when they were cheap!  See you all at the airport.



Hola... my new word for today ;-)

Looking forward to getting out of rainy ol' Dublin, and to a few beers in Quito... see you all there



Just wondering if anyone knows how many people will be on this trip?  So far we just know about myself & Dave, Dave (2), Matt, & D from Dublin (another Dave??) .

Not long now!  We're excited.  See you all at the hotel as we're making our own way to Qutio. 

Val   :-))


Hi All,

I'm yet another Dave on the trip. Will be doing the Cotopaxi climb as well.

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