Mount Toubkal 6th September

Hi Was just wandering who was doing the Trek. It's my first time at doing an adventure holiday and I doing it on my own (well with you guys like, but you know what I mean) I was hoping to maybe have a chat with some of you and learn a few tips before i go from you experienced ones. i'm really excited but no one i know as done anything like this. so a little nervous as i really dont know what to expect. Anyone know or anyone feel the same as me.

Clare xx 



Some of my friends/family have done this walk (trek)... it's fairly basic and you won't spend to much time 'trekking'.. You spend alot of time in 'camp', and the altitude won't challenge most people..

From what I have been told, I would class the this trip as a basic trek....  


Me and my friend are also going on Toubkal and the High Atlas on Sept 6th- hello!



Hi! I'm the friend mentioned by Izzy. I've never done this before either- it's quite daunting! To be honest, just about the only thing I know is to have good walking boots, and practise doing long treks!



Hi all (Cmo92, Izzy and Lydia)

Thank you for responding. Thank you for putting my mind at rest that the actual trek itself isn't too intense. I'm looking forward to just being away and doing something a little different. My mates think I'm mad. So any of you guys done this kinda thing before? Only time i have camped is at festivals.

chat soon hopefully and see yer soon Probably bump into you at heathrow......

 Clare x 



Matt M


I have just come back from the Mount Toubkal trip. On average you will be walking from around 8am to 3 or 4pm with a one and a half hour stop for lunch (average 6hrs walking). The day you do your summit is the longest walking day. It will start at around 5pm and you will back to the Mountain hut for around 1pm (if your a fast walker). You will then leave at 3pm to walk back to the village which would be around 6pm (again if your a fast walker). The trip is a great trip and the leader we had was excellent. I did get blisters with boots that were a good brand and had been well used, but this was a small price to pay for the experience.  On the summit day they will advise to where Thermals, Fleece, Gloves, Hat etc .. My experience was that i was stripped of down to just a thermal top within about 10 minutes. I did put most of it back on further up. The main thing is that at least you have it should you need it. Not taking it on the asscent would only mean that you will be miserable and cold when you get to the top.

As for training and equipment. I already run each week and did some hill walkinhg in prep but i still found coming down hard on the knees and the toes. Get a good set of socks and if needed take knee supports as these do help. Poles were a great help and a head torch is a great help for your summit day. I am not sure what the temp will be when you go but i found that a 2 season sleeping bag and a fleece inner was enouph. I used the inner on most night with the 2 season bag only being used on the night before summit in the mountain. Using the 2 together will give you a 3 season bag which should be plenty and are 2 good items to have should you travel in the future.   

Enjoy the trip, expect it to be different and get the training in. You will get more out of it if you are fit.

Aplogies for the lengthy response. 


Matt M


Just read the response by me and it should say that you leave at 8am each day.

Should spend more time reading the words before posting them. Hope it helps.



Thank you and thank you for the lengthy response its good to know all of the stuff you need not just the basics...... really good of you you to take the time out and let us know. I am really excited. My nephew is now taking me out weekend training just need to make myself do it thru the week. Another question? How much money would you recommend to take mainly for basics and then for souvenir shopping?

Did you have a good time? 

Matt M


I think I changed around £100 but didn’t buy any souvenirs as I had been to morocco before. The £100 was used to buy soft drinks, bottled water and tip the leader, cook and muleteers. Make sure you change enough money before you leave Marrakech as you won’t be able to change any until you get back. I changed £80 at the airport on arrival and I had enough for the trekking days.

Another good few items I found useful is a walking rucksack with the mesh back. This really keeps you comfortable when having a rucksack on in the heat. I found that I didn’t sweat at all which helps on the long days. I bought a Deuter 28ltr sack and it has been faultless. Another good thing I bought was a SOURCE HYDRATION H20 water bladder to go in the rucksack. These are a less common known bladder (CamelPac, Platypus) but are excellent and offer some really good additional items such as they have a braided outer cover on the bladder tubing to stop bacteria build up and keep your water cooler (3ltr is best as you can easily get 1 ½ litres in it) as it keeps direct sunlight out. I can give you an address for a company who can mail order them out and offer excellent service.

As for the trip, yes I had an excellent time. It was great to be back in a country that I first travelled in 13 years ago and because you’re walking, you’re moving at the countries pace and not passing it by in a vehicle.

You cant go to far wrong with Exodus. I have done a lot of trips with them since 1995, both short trips (2 to 3 weeks) and overland (2months) and have never had a bad experience with them and always get value for money.




Thank you so much Matt for all the advise and yes please send me the mail address for that company, please!!!! that would be great. You have been really helpful it's good to know this stuff before you go instead of getting there and then thinking arrr if only i had..........!! and thank you for all the information and that we can trust exodus and relax. See you guys soon x


I have got a rucksack sorted thank you. I have a decent size one but light weight so should be fine. I have got suncream too but not that strong I got factor 30 so i guess i better buy some more. all good information 

its going to be so good. i cant wait


Matt M


All i can say is, have a great trip and i hope you enjoy it as much as did.

Have a good one 


Rob A

Hi all,

 Im going on the same trek on the 21st September. Im looking forward to hearing your stories and tips when you get back! Hope you have a great time.



Will definatley let you know how it goes and a little of what to expect. I'm so excited. Are you going with friends? I'm on my own non of my friends are interested.

will let you know

Rob A

Im going with my girlfriend. We did the High Inca Trail (and amazon extension) with Exodus this time last year and it was awesome!! Out of the 5 other people with us on that trip, 3 were solo travellers. They loved it so i wouldnt worry about going on your own. Neither of us have the 3 weeks left to take off work again so the Mt Toukbal trip seemed ideal and not very expensive. 8 weeks to go and i cant wait!!

Just a little note that matts advice is great. I took a camelbak to peru and found it really usefull. No need to take your rucksack off, or get someone to get a bottle out of a side pocket to have a quick slurp when the pipe is there on your shoulder.


I'm so excited now. My birthday is coming up soon and all i have asked for, for birthday presents is stuff to do with this holiday (hiking socks mainly) Big thanks to the advice of people and nice to have heard from you guys that i will be doing the trek with.

 am so excited Cant wait to get to Heathrow  xx 


I'm also on the trip but I won't be seeing you unitl Marrakech. I'm off to Saharan-ish Africa for a couple of months: 3 weeks Morocco (trek's the 3rd) and then 6 weeks in Mali, Senegal and The Gambia. See you in a few weeks.



Hi - I'm joining the group on my own too. It's the first time I've done an organised trek as well but have been to Morocco before (and loved it, which is why I'm coming back). I'll be joining you all in Marrakech. Can't wait!


A few years ago, 2005 I think, and the walking was much easier than I expected, though it was pretty cold and we couldn't summit the second peak as the arete was too icy.  We did all get to the top without too many problems though and had amazingly clear views, hope you get the same!  My advice would be to take something to do while at the high altitude hostel as we spent a lot of time there with not enough books/packs of cards!

We were a group of 8 and all on our own except one pair of guys so no need to worry about that!


You guys have put my mind at rest about this trip thank you so much, and big thanks again to Matt and everyone with all the advise on what to take etc....... See you at heathrow or marrakech. wo hoooooo!!!! x

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