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Gorillas & Masi Mara - Departing 1st August


Would love to hear from any fellow travellers who are on the trip departing 1st August, or have already done it and have any feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Andy & Bev



I am going on the participatory tour starting in Nairobi on the 2nd - I'm not taking the group flight as I am going to Zanzibar first - I am flying from Zanzibar to Nairobi on the 1st and staying at the Silver Springs Hotel... anyone else goingto be there that night?




I'm also on this trip.  I'm flying in to Nairobi on 1 Aug from the UK, but not on the group flight.  I'll also be staying in Silver Springs on the Friday night.

Looking forward to meeting everybody,



Hi Pete,

 Maybe meet in the hotel bar for a drink the night before? I am on the tour on my own... so you will spot me, as the girl on her own looking for nice people to talk to! I am really excited about the whole trip now!



Hey there,

I'm also going on the trip and can't wait.  A friend of mine did it last year and said it was amazing.  I'm flying into Nairobi the day before so will be staying in the Silver Springs the night before so if the flights run to time, I may also be in the bar !

Look forward to meeting everyone ...





I'm another one going on this trip and also arriving in Nairobi on 1st, so will be at the Silver Springs that night too. I'll look out for everyone else!



Hi there

I'm also booked on this trip for 1st August.  I'm travelling down on the Virgin flight on the 1st but am staying over on the 16th August at the Silver Springs in Nairobi.  I'm also travelling alone.  I was supposed to go Gorilla trekking last September but had to cancel at the last moment due to sudden illness.  However the friends I was going with then, said that the Gorilla trek is quite strenous but worth every bit of sweat involved.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the trip.



Hi there

Also arriving on the 1st and staying at the Silver Springs hotel that night. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Is anyone else going out on the 10:20 flight from Heathrow?



Hey everyone,

 Anyone got any travel tips for people who have been before? Has anyone got Visa in advance.... I am planning on getting them all there? What are people doing for money? US Dollars?

 Really lokoing forward to meeting everyone!


mmartinez garcia

Im also booked on the 1st Aug participatory trip and I'll be arriving on the 2nd of Aug with the group flight. Anybody else on that one?
Pretty gutted Im missing the pub gathering on the Friday though!!!!
Really excited about the trip, see you all on the 2nd!



We are travelling down with the group flight late-on on the 1st so unfortunately we will miss out on the pub. Make sure you have one for us as well!

 Bev & Andy


Wow - there are a lot of people on the trip! i'm travelling on the 1st aug flight, leaves at 10pm, i think that is the group flight? Shame i'll miss the catchup at the silver springs that night, but looking forward to meeting everybody that day.

My boyfriend is meeting us there on the 2nd, he's currently attempting to climb kili, so will arrive very dirty and exhausted, but hopefully ready for a beer :-)


Hi all


I did this trip last year and it was just FABULOUS. Whatever you're anticipating, just double it and you won't come close. Rwanda is a stunning country. The gorillas are the most exciting wildlife experience you are ever likely to have. In a group of 8 you will trek uphill in thick vegetation. The guides rest up at night next to where each family sleeps so when you set out your guide knows where to take you. The walk may be from 20 minutes to 8 hours! You may be a little breathless at first (altitude) but it wears off very quickly. The adrenaline rush is amazing and will power you on. Nothing will prepare you for your first sight of the animal(s) because there are no bars, no guns and they may be only a few feet away. I was actually knocked over by one male when he passed by - what a privilege. TIP: the hour goes by quickly - don't spend all your time behind the camera because you will miss the point.

Uganda has it's positives but, in my opinion, was not as wonderful as Rwanda. Still - Ngamba island is just great and there is much more than just the chimpanzees to see - we saw a monitor lizard and loads of birds and other things.

Kenya. Just wonderful - Lake Naivasha - monkeys, hippos and tons of birds. Lake Nakuru - baboons, monkeys, hyena, rhino, deer, antelope, flamingos by the ton, loads of bird life - if you're lucky you may see a leopard (I didn't - sniff). Masai Mara - just about everything you can think of - you'll catch the migration - thinks 'thousands' of animals - deer, wildebeest, elephant, zebra, giraffe etc etc. I saw a lioness dragging her kill to her cubs (who were hidden from us), jackal and a fabulous cheetah.

All in all - a world of wildlife, photographic opportunities plus all kinds of other good stuff. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. I'm off to Cape Town (to Victoria) in a couple of weeks.



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