Yukon canoe June 28th 2008

Hi, not sure if this will ever be read? Very excited about heading to the Yukon at the end of June, travelling with a good friend (Richard) and keen to hear from any fellow Yukon travellers. I know this will be an amazing experience and would be great to hear from others on the trip to get an idea of group dynamics.

I appear to have purchased more gear than I can carry and would be good to know that others have fallen into the same trap!




Hi Craig, Richard, and everyone else on the Yukon trip.

I'm really looking forwards to my first holiday in ages, but don't seem as organised as maybe i should be. I've done no shopping for example!

Is anyone coming along an expereinced canoer? I'm not!

Looking forwards to meeting everyone.



Hi Rachel,

 I have canoed before but am by no means experienced. I dont think the conditions require much ability, I think the main thing to be prepared for is living with no luxury and the lack of washing for 10 days! This I do have experience in!

It should be great fun, cant wait!

Hello Rachel, Craig and fellow canoers!

I too am now getting excited about going into the wilds. I seem to have gathered a big pile of stuff to take and am hoping to be able to share a canoe with someone who has some arm muscles as mine are rarely used for anything strenuous! Weather forecast isn't looking too promising so head-to-toe waterproofs have already made it to the 'pile'.

Went canoeing in Wales last weekend but somehow don't think it's going to help much.

See you all very soon!


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