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Via Ferrata Northern Dolomites - TEZ - 27/7 - 3/8

Am going on this trip with my husband.  Anyone out there had prior expereince?  How demanding is it?  We're going to the gym a few times each week in attempt to increase upper body strength, and would describe ourselves as 'reasonably fit' but are aware that time's running out!  We certainly aren't althletes or weight lifters.  Anyone know if groups are organised according to ability?  We have high altitude trekking experience but none in dangling from cables and ladders attached to mountains, so am a little nervous.


Hiya, Am going on this trip 13-20 July so will give you a little update when I get back - view from the inside and all that.  Sounds like you're doing the right thing - wish I had time to go to the gym few times a week...still looking forward to the trip - Dolomites are stunning playground whatever your ability!

Cheers, Caroline 



Hi caroline, hope you enjoyed the trip.  How did you get on?  What should we definately take along (or not, as the case may be!).  Was it very hot and can I manage without dragging waterproofs up the mountains, ie will a good soft shell suffice?  Is it VERY scary and/or tough?  Cheers, Susan (Nb we live in Somerset, so you're only next door!).


Hi there,

 This will be the 2nd trip for my son Alastair and I. We first went 2 years ago to Cortina. I'm guessing it may be the same leaders this time.

Essentials include - good sized day sack to carry clothing, food, helmet and harness, stout gloves for holding the metal cable and ladders, (we got builder's work gloves from ScrewFix, cost £13.00 a pair), good water proofs, (we got caught in a snow storm at 2200 meteres in July....),high factor sun cream, wet wipes. Most people wore shorts and tee shirts but pack warm clothing to carry in your ruck sack, a water bottle or better still a camelback, energy bars. Walking poles for the trip back down. A sense of humour would be good. 

Getting to the base of the climb is usually little bother. Then its put on your harness anf follow the leader. Lunch on top, then it can be a very long walk back down the mountain to catch the bus, etc. 

It can be a bit scary, particularly if you have a poor head for heights- narrow ledges, suspension bridges and worst of all there can be snow or ice under foot but I think with the warm weather it should be clear at the levels advertised.Our leaders last time were very capable and supportive. Split into 2 groups - those very fit and those less fit. 

 Upper body strength is required as if you can't climb using your legs then you may have to haul your self up over arm. I hope I have not put you off. You will have a great time.

Can recommend Cortina for the rest day. Posh shops and good eateries. 

 Richard + Alastair



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