Spitzbergen Adventure 28the June departure


Anyone going on this?



I'm on this trip ...first time with Exodus. Will be travelling on my own!

Desparately trying to find suitable layers ...no one seems to think anyone over size 14 is active!!





and like Louise, I was on the other Spitzbergen forum....confusion and panic all round. I'm part of the overnight in Oslo group too.

Apparently it's too late to organise Kayaking as no-one had let them know, I'm very disappointed as I was dead keen to give that a go.

Claude (as in Claudia)

Thank you for the tip. had a quick look whilst at work and it seems lots of choice.

Are you staying overnight in Oslo or are you in the 'half' that travels straight to Longyearben?



Yes I'm staying overnight in Oslo, are you?

Ordered a few bits (including handwarmers for camera betteries!) on Sunday and got an email today to say it's been despatched 1st class, so hopefully see if any of it fits tomorrow! ;-)

 Not long now :-)

Renee Neal

hi there everyone, Renee from in the office.  I understand now a few of you wanted to do the kayaking, but we only received official interest from a couple of people, with now only 2 weeks to departure after speaking to our local operator it is now too late to organise a kayaking guide as all the staffing has been arranged for the trip and the forthcoming season.  The kayaking really needs at least 6 people to do it as you require both the kayaking guide and a safety driver and zodiac.  Sorry for the disappointment but with Paul at the helm on this exciting trip, I'm sure you won't have a chance to be too disappointed.  Any other questions don't hesitate to call me at the office.


Hello everyone,

Has anyone bought any of the recommended books on the reading list ? Can't afford the space/weight to bring the whole lot and was wondering if they could be on board anyway ?

 Rob & Ali Slade

Jayne P

Hello everyone,

Just got back from the June 9th departure on the Vavilov. We had a fantastic time - I won't say say any more so you can experience it all afresh for yourselves, but thought you might appreciate some practical pointers.

There's a full library on board and the expedition staff are all highly knowledgeable so no need to take any books with you. Clothes-wise, take lots of layers - on most days I was wearing thermals, long-sleeve t-shirt, 2 fleeces, tracksuit bottoms and waterproof jacket and trousers. A good hat that covers your ears and/or balaclava is also needed. Didn't need to use my handwarmers at all. 

Camerawise, I used a digital SLR. Only needed to re-charge batteries twice. AA batteries are also available to buy on board. Condensation not a problem at all. Take a rain sleeve or plastic bag to protect your kit from splashes on the zodiaks.

Have a great time!



Well it seems that I have also been writing on the wrong forum!!  Will be setting of from Heathrow on Sat 28 June with overnight in Oslo.  Not long to wait now, am so excited and looking forward to it.

 I hope we have got enough cold weather gear, plenty of layers etc  If not - well, we'll just have to 'smell'!!!

I am travelling with my partner Stuart - so look forward to meeting next week.


As the trip planned for departure on Wed has been cancelled, I'm now departing on Sat 28/6 instead.  See you there :-) Kerri-Ann


Hi All, looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday! I'll be the one with the pink/white/grey ski jacket clutching my ipod, in Heathrow, as I'm not a fan of flying, but hopefully the hypno will have worked and I'll be all relaxed! :-)

Kerrie-Ann shame your trip got cancelled, bit last minute eh?! At least you got transferred to this, which I'm sure will be excellent!!!

Jayne, thanks for all the info! Anyone know where I can get a rain cover for my slr? or what sort of plastic bag is a good substitute?

How many pairs of thermals is everyone taking?

See you all soon!!! :-D


Not long now, see you all on Saturday...


I have found in the past a large zip lock bag can be good - mak ea hole in the base which you tape around the body and then you have a closing end over the lens....there are of course expensive items can be purchased otherwise. I'm confused by the trip notes - do we need hiking boots? Apres ski(ie warm) boots or wellies (which they provide?)?


Thanks Claudia, although not sure I'm gonna be able to get zip-locks before we go now, I'll have to bring a couple of options to try out!

 As for boots, I called Renee yesterday and she said it's completely up to us, some people walk in the wellies provided, but if you feel more comfortable taking boots then it's up too you. Also think we need non-slip shoes for around the boat. .....depends what fits in the bag I guess, talking of wich I'd better get packing, meet you soon!

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