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TNS Annapurna Sancturary

hi interested in contacting anyone booked on this trip leaving October 18th, we've been told it's fantastic, just busy ensuring that we are fit enough, any tips?

the main thing is to build up your stamina for walking long days at a time.  the only ways to really do this is running and lots of hill walking.  get used to walking in your gear and carrying water which adds quite a bit to your day pack weight



I reckon slow and steady is the best approach, give us time to enjoy the scenery and acclimatise. That's my excuse anyway, as my gym visits haven't been as frequest as intended recently !! Will hopefully get out at the weekend for a long hillwalk. I'm just looking forward to the stunning mountain views and a bit of sunshine; 25 degrees in Kathmandu today and nearer 30 in Pokhara. Good timing, as it's definitely getting Autumnal here...

Hi Jane, great to hear from someone else on this trip. We ( Pam & Jon) are flying from Heathrow. Are you leaving luggage at hotel? Kit bags have now arrived and they look quite strong so think we will use those on flight out, plus our days sacs. We are getting our visas on entry, as advised by Exodus staff so hope that works out OK.  Agree with your slow and enjoy it , although we went to the Lakes last week and bagged a couple of peaks, this will be our first time at altitiude, and travelling with Exodus. Two weeks and counting!...


Hi Jonathon, Jane, Nick,

 My wife, Jenny, and I will be trekking with you guys on the same trip, really looking forward to it, and to meeting y'all.

 We're starting our journey in Ireland, which means even more fun for us at Heathrow!

 We're no experts or anything, but here's what we've been doing. We've been walking with our day-packs and gear up and down a few mountains (well... steep hills) once a week for the past couple of weeks, say five/six hours each trip, and an hour of ordinary road-walking once or twice a week too. We've found it good to alternate relaxed walking with a bit of speed-walking on the steep bits for a minute or two, just to push the muscles a bit; and we've felt the ache the next day, but it's worth it. 

 We're planning to walk at a fairly relaxed pace in the Annapurnas anyway, just soaking in the mountain air and the views.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply. I did my trial pack on Saturday, weighing-in at just over 10kg but it didn't include everything, so I think I'm going to have to be a bit more ruthless !!

Sunday didn't quite go to plan as I had a horrendous hangover after being out with friends on Saturday night, really had to force myself up and out. Or maybe I was practising for the headache effects that dehydration & altitude may have whilst on the trek, hmmm. Didn't go as far as we'd intended, but it certainly blew away the cobwebs !! That reminds me, must get some asprin. I looked at the UAE website and think codeine is the main medication to avoid, so should be OK with the paracetamol, malaria tablets & lemsip that I'm taking (I've had 1 holiday cold too many to leave this behind !).

Thanks for the mobile number - I'll reply with mine and may text you & Pam when I'm checking-in at Heathrow, if I haven't already spotted a flock of Exodus kit bags...




Hi Sean,

Thanks for your message and tips, I was weighing up the hassle of getting bottles from the day sacks on the move as you mention, against extracting the bladder to refill it and we will probably take a combination like you.

Pam and I are somewhat shorter than you and Jenny so may be equally recogniseable! We are looking forward to meeting up, but not so much to the 18 hours travel time (including the 6 hour wait in Abu Dahbi) until we arrive that I worked out recently! I'm sure it will be worth it though!


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