Zambian Visas

Hi, we are a family of 4 (Nigel, Petra, Elizabeth and Charlotte) heading off on 16 August.  Does anyone know what is happening with the visas for Zambia.  Can we get away with 2 x single visas (ouch) or are we going to have to get a multi-entry visa each? (extra ouch!)


Hi, my name is Tina and I am also going on this trip with my son Kieran. The Zambian Embassy website states that we'll have to go for the multi entry visas. However I have read a couple of reports online which suggest that border controls can be a bit variable in their interpretation of the rules. Whichever way it goes it is a real ouch! I take it that you are intending to buy your visas on entry? I am intending to do the same but am not looking forward to carrying all that money with me!



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We are a family of 3- grandparents and grandson- David, Tuey and Wyatt (13 1/2 yrs. old). We bought our visas already as I was getting conflicting  info from travel agents and embassies- so thought it was safer that way. We bought multiple entry ones. We live in Nicaragua and Wyatt in New Jersey so we are coming  over early to get over the jet lag before the safari. Look forward to seeing you soon.


I've just returned from Zambia and had no problems buying two single entry visas. 

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