Borneo family 9th August

Hello, we're off to Borneo on the 9th of August, would love to hear from anyone that's joining us :)

Cath & Jack




My wife Karen and our two sons Charlie(10) anf Luke (8) are also on this trip. As  an Exodus veteran( about 12 trips between us and one familly trip) we are full of anticipation.




My wife karen


Richard W-B


...brilliant! yep, you guys are the reason I booked this date actually as your boys are around the age of my Jack who has just turned 11.

We are so excited, this time in 2 weeks we'll be there!!



 Our 2 are warming up on a PGL adventure holiday at the moment so that we can have some quiet time before the excitement of Borneo. Hopefully it will not be "boys" only


Richard W-B

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