Hi all, Kirty and myself (Andy) are the last two to book on this trip. Would be nice to hear from the rest of the group. I am generally on this for some relaxing after having done two weeks in Borneo (May) but also a keen photographer.


Sorry that would be Kirsty! oopsie


Hi everyone, Hilary here. I am going on this trip and I was the first to book! I have arranged to fly out to Nairobi the day before so that I am fresh for the first day. It would be good to hear from anyone else who is doing the same.


Hi Andy, its good to hear from some-one else on the same trip. No,  it is not my first trip with Exodus. I went to Cuba with them in January and was quite impressed with the standard of organisation and accomodation.

I am also looking forward to have a relaxing time even though I am not into snorkelling. It will be the first time I have ever been to Africa. I did meet some-one on the Cuban holiday who has done thesafari with Exodus several times so I will be ringing her up for some tips.

See you in Nairobi!!


Hi folks, I'm not on your trip, but am going on the same one three weeks later. I'm wondering what you are all doing with regards to visas, as the trip notes say you can get them in advance, or on arrival. I've checked Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor forums for advice, and no-one can agree which is better.

Are you getting yours in advance, or when you get there?

Hi all,  Andy & I plan to get our visas before we go - it'll be more expensive but better safe than sorry?



Travcour have our money :( Its such a money spinner for nothing.. Im not bitter tho!

Hurrah! We've received our final joining instructions, not long to go now - I might need to start thinking about what to take!



Less than 3 weeks to go :) Yes it me again dont get excited Kirsty


I wonder if I reply to myself enough Ill get a second star!


Hi Andy, I see you are a keen photographer could you advise on a good digital camera for around £30, all those animals on safari - the big and little 5, I think its time I splashed out on a decent camera.  35mm, so last century.  Looking forward to getting some photography tips  Thanks Tim  (2 Stars)

Only one week to go now, for me it's the start of 4 months of travelling so I've started saying my goodbyes to people here which feels a little odd!

See you soon



I thought Kirsty may get a bit lonely with no one else replying to her so thought we'd introduce ourselves before we meet next Wednesday!  Adrian and I are having our first trip to Kenya to celebrate Adrian's 40th birthday (but don't tell him I told anyone as the whole reason we've booked a holiday is that fact he wants it to pass him by with no one noticing!  We're staying on in Zanzibar for an extra three nights to make sure we're well and truly relaxed before heading back to the UK so we can't wait for the holiday to start.  Never used Exodus before so it's going to be a whole new experience for us.  We have invested in a new Canon DSLR so this will be its first trip out of the Country!  See you next week!


Hmm thats a tricky one for sure. I dont think youll get anything worth while from a camera at that price. Add a zero on the end and now you have a chance.

I am a big fan of Canon, take a look at the 1000D, its a new starter DSLR kit from these guys and I know you wont be disapointed with the results. I guess you have already got something sorted as we depart tomorrow but if not Jessops are selling these at a fair price. You can easily haggle them down a bit too based on web prices being lower.

Look forward to meeting you all.   Andy


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