Trails of Borneo

Don't wear waterproof (gore-tex etc) boots or shoes in the rainforest or you will have hot feet. These shoes need a temperature difference to breathe and at 30+ degrees there isn't one.A travel umbrella keeps you dry without getting hot - the guides use them. Poncho is useful as well, when it rains it is very heavy.Long trousers, long sleeved shirts and loads of natural insect repellent stopped me getting bitten by any leeches. Convertible trousers are good so you can get out and push the boat on the riverThe Indian restaurant Kohinoor on the waterfront in Kota Kinabalu is excellent Walking poles make descending Mount Kinabalu much easier. Take a mosquito net (you can hire them but they smell!), travel pillow and ear plugs so that you can get a good night's sleep at Camp 5 at Mulu NP. You'll need it for the pinnacles climb!It gets surprising chilly very late at night so could be worth taking a 1 season sleeping bag for Camp 5For the pinnacles you need to be able to carry at least 3 litres of water due to the conditions, I took a 2 litre hydration pack and a 1 litre water bottle.Take some decent binoculars and a camera with a decent zoom for Kinabatangan. There is quite a bit of wildlifeTake macro (close up) shots of insects and flowersDon't step out outside the door without insect repellent, especially around the last hotel!Take some flip-flops, it is customary to remove your shoes when entering traditional buildings. Also useful in the mountain hut on KinabaluAvoid the local soft drinks they are terrible!If you go snorkelling on the last couple of days by the coast wear a t-shirt or surf rash vest and lots of waterproof suncream


Whilst I agree that most of the soft drinks in Borneo are awful, there are exceptions, notably "100 PLUS". It's an isotonic soft drink which I had never come across before and it tastes really great. I went to Borneo on an adventure challenge last year and everyone on our trip drank gallons of the stuff. It garnered something of a cult following amongst our group. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to exist here in Europe.


Great feedback jdushe,  I'm going on the Borneo Discoverer trip in August but i'll take note of some of the things you highlighted.




I was wondering if you could help me with a quick question? I'm off to Borneo in Sept with my digital camera... I need to work out how many batteries to take, so I was wondering how likely I am to be able to find somewhere to plug in a battery charger?



Hi, you can easily charge batteries everywhere except maybe Camp 5 in Mulu and the mountain hut on Kinabalu. Even those places had electricity though so there could be plugs there as well. One spare should be enough. Plugs are the same as UK.




Hmmm - no plastic boots -

I have KSBs with Event liners for summer use and heavy Scarpas for winter use.  There's no time to find a lighter alternative, so guess who is going to have odorous feet!


Richard  (spouse to SWMBO aka Liz)

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