Borneo Discoverer

Is there anybody else going on the Borneo Discoverer trip leaving on the 2nd August? If there is we'd love to hear from you. Steve and Kathy


Hi Steve & Kathy,  I'm travelling on the Borneo Discoverer trip also and I can't wait! :o)  Have you travelled with Exodus before?    Stefan.


Hi Stefan

Good to hear from you. Kathy and I have been on several Exodus trips which have all been good. We're looking forward to the wildlife but in the dark as to whether we require leech socks :-)

Perhaps we'll email Exodus to find out!!.

Are you flying from Heathrow on the Exodus arranged flights? If so we'll see you there

Steve and Kathy 

I did not bother with them in Borneo as they can be hot and uncomfortable, I sprayed 'natural' (no DEET so can use on synthetics without damaging them) repellent on my shoes and socks. Also I had long trousers and a a long sleeve shirt (tucked in because they don't just go for your feet!). When we were in Mulu NP it had rained overnight and trekking back to HQ from camp 5 a lot of people got bitten but I was OK.  I'd also recommend long trousers due to the mozzies obviously but also the sand flies, if they get you it itches for days!

Have a great time in Borneo it is amazing, I have put other tips in the Arrivals forum.


Hi jdushe, many thanks for the advice on leech socks.  I should be wearing long trousers (detachable) most of the time so the socks may not be necessary.  I am taking some superlite Brashers as boots, although I noticed in a different thread you suggested against this.  They feel very light and breathable so i'm hoping they'll be fine (and the cost £129 so i'd better make some use of them!).   One more quick question...what's the difference between 'natural' repellent and DEET?

Steve/Kathy......yes I'm on the Exodus flights.  I received my little pack yesterday with all the details.  Flight leaves London at 12.00pm on 2nd.  Only 29 days to go!



We are also going on this trip and really looking forward to it.  Will look out for the Exodus luggage labels at Heathrow.

Kevin and Jacki 



Hi Jon,  thanks again for the info!  I will certainly look at the natural repellent, especially if they're better on the environment (and my conscience!).



Hi Jon,  thanks again for the info!  I will certainly look at the natural repellent, especially if they're better on the environment (and my conscience!).

I had the boots bought for me around Xmas and can't afford to purchase any myselft so i'll have to make do with them, and the sweaty feet!   Although the boots seem very light and airy compared to the other non-superlite ones so i'm hoping they will be ok.  Would you also recommend taken a pair of sandals/trainers for times when the boots aren't worn?

 Kevin/Jacki....will look forward to seeing you guys at the Airport! 

Yeah take walking sandals for when you are not in leech territory and a pair of flip-flops. In Mulu NP HQ you take your shoes off in the longhouses and restaurant so flip-flops are good for relaxing around the HQ.


I am on the Borneo trip too. I am on the Heathrow flight, so I shall look out for luggage labels. As for repellant, I have used the Lifesystems DEET free one, and found it just as good as DEET. Shoes- someone mentioned the Brasher ones, they are good, I use them (they did a rainforest last year) and Gortex lined. As well as sandals I am also using some Keen hybrid shoes/sandals. I've been with Exodus before-excellent! Leeches? Anyone mentioned the inhabitants of the cave yet (NOT thebats!) ...and the hand rail...Alison




Hi, just wondered if taking a sleeping bag would be advisable on this trip?  I'm assuming not as the accommodation seems adequate without the need for one but I just want to check so I know whether to leave it at home! :)

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