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Tour du Mont Blanc (TWP828) - dep 12 July


We're going on the Tour du Mont Blanc trip, departing 12 July. Anyone else?

Hoping to hear from some of you!

Jaki and Trevor Wilson


I am also on this trip, I am flying to Geneva on the 11th from Bristol, but will join the group at Geneva airport on the 12th

This trip is approaching fast and I've not thought much about it until now.

Dave Pritchard. 



I'm booked on this trip, really looking forward to spending a week in the Alps.

See you all Saturday.

Anybody else going?

Cheers Chris.


My friend Kate and I are also booked on the above trip departing on the 12th. Really looking forward to it. By the way, I'm not from Korea as my profile describes - not sure why its defaulted to this and I can’t seem to change it at the mo. I originate from the flat plains of Bedfordshire instead - a lot less exotic!




Hi Dave, you'd better get packing! I know what you mean, though. This trip has crept up on me, too. Booked it quite a while ago, but counting the days now. I've never been to the Alps before - nor to Switzerland.

I wonder if it'll feel like a grade C/D? It'll be the hardest graded Exodus trip I've done. My husband and I climbed Toubkal with Exodus last Sept/Oct... that was a C. It appears that this is a C/D due to having to carry your own gear.



Hello also to Chris and Caroline. Are you seasoned mountain walkers?

By the way, what ratio of Swiss Francs to Euros are you all bringing? I  must have another look at the itinerary and figure out how much of the trip is in each country.


Hi all

Not sure about Swiss Francs, looks like 2 full and 2 part days in the country, anywhere near the border will probaly accept Euros, but a few £ worth may be handy. 

C or D grade,  I dont think any day will be much harder than the Toubkal climb / descent day, well I hope not.  I've Recently returned from that one , but done nothing for last 3 weeks.

I've been to the Alps several times myself,  but only when they have been covered in snow, so looking forward to seeing them in their summer splender.

Dave P. 


Hi Jacki,Wouldn't say I'm a seasoned walker - doesn’t help living in the flat plains of Bedfordshire and tied to my desk working! I've done a few hikes with exodus but that’s’ about it and I don’t get to go walking that often in lovely places like the Lakes or Peaks.(Here comes the excuses...) I have been suffering with a bad chest infection the past couple of weeks so I have done no real exercise.  So highly likely that I will be going v slow and spluttering and coughing up and down the mountain next week! so I apologise now for my crapness. But that means plenty of pictures which is good as I have just got a digital SLR. The C/D grade does worry me slightly as I'm not feeling very fit although as others have said, I'm sure its to do with carrying our stuff - therefore travel light is my motto - I've got a 33 litre capacity bag which fits everything I need – don’t really want to spend another £50 on a 40-50 ltr rucksack. What’s everyone else taking?Money - not really thought about that yet but I think I will get a few Swiss Francs just in case. The trip notes say that we don’t require as the areas we stay in all take Euros.Caroline



Hello again,

I shall get a few swiss francs in the morning then, thanks for that.

Not been with exodus before, is there anything else I need to know?

I take it you all rate the trips?



From my experience in Nepal, Exodus are excellent and make sure that you are well looked after. Hope the same can be said for the European trips… Sorry Jaki, I mistyped your name in my previous reply – how to start off on the wrong foot!  



Hi All

A few oberservations,  the grade seems to be B/C and not C/D thats according to the trip notes and the brochure

( moderate/challenging ) so  Caroline I hope that makes you feel a tad happier, my own fitness is not at its best after an idle 3 weeks resting a heel problem.  My daypack is 30 ltr, which more than copes with the days main essencials namely toilet roll and water, I am not sure what water sources are like in the Alps I normally carry capacity for over 3 ltrs but dont like to fill it due to the weight.  Chris, I dont think there is anythinf else you need to know, and if like me you always forget something, getting by is the only option.  I've been on 5 previous Exodus trips ( 4 camping ) all without complaint, and its amazing what meals these guys can knock up on a campsite.

Until Saturday   Dave P. 

Hello Again

HEAP BIG SORRY  just realised that my trip is TWB828  same date but 15 days duration  ( B not P )

 I wont print the names I am calling myself.    Anyway  enjoy .

Dave P. 


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