Hello to my fellow trekkers.....

Anyone out there who is on this trek??? Would be good to hear from you!!




Helo Liz, nice to make your aquaintance. My name is Graham Hodgson, I'm booked on the same trek as you departing in September and looking forward to it very much. Have you been before? I was in this area in 2005 on the Gokyo lakes and base camp trek. It was pretty tough at times but very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to the extra challenge offered by this trek. Check out my pictures posted on this site. Look forward to hearing from you, Graham.

Hi Liz & Graham, I'm coming along too.  It'll be my first trip to Nepal but I have been eyeing up this trek for a long time.  I'm really looking forward to it, the countdown to departure has commenced....

Liz Walker


 So glad you guys have responded. Kirsty you sound like me! I have not been to Nepal before and have been pondering the idea of a trek for sometime. Am a bit apprehensive, particularly re Altitude Sickness but very excited also. Graham, great that you have done similar things before. Any tips or recommendations for preparing. I am fairly fit anyway but am ensuring I can do back to back days of walking and that I have done some hill work. Helpfully I work on a 10th floor so stairs are now the only route to my office!!


Hi everyone

I'm in too, and looking forward to meeting everyone.  I'm Paul Rayner and you may have guessed from my screen name that I'm a dinghy sailor.  I'm retired and have decided to go on this trip before I get too old and senile to do it!  I did Chamonix to Zermatt last year and we had some foul weather which didn't help.  Haven't been to the Himalayas before but am expecting it to be tough.  We shall see how I manage at altitude - I have been up to 5000m and skied at 3800m so fingers crossed.

Hi all,

We're in September so not long to go now.  I'm just back from a long weekend hill walking, possibly my last opportunity to climb hills before we go away - finding hills to climb is a little difficult when you live in the fens!

See you soon,


Liz Walker

Have done a few long walks in the cotswolds and oxfordshire but yep finding hills is difficult! Climbed Snowdon 2 weeks ago by the Watson track which was good training but prob my only opportunity to do so... otherwise running on hills and using stairs at work. Are you guys getting Nepalise Visa before you go or getting it on arrival in Kathmandu?

Hi Liz Kirsty Graham

Look forward to meeting you all on departure - excitment setting in as time gets closer!  Would it be worth trying to get to Heathrow a bit early so that we can meet at departure desk, book seats together rather than being scattered round the plane, and then have a meal/beer to celebrate the start of the trip?



Hello friends, Really getting excited now 17, days to go and we're on our way. A little tip for anyone using digital photography, Last time I was in the himalaya myself and a few other travellers lost some of our photos when our memory cards failed due to the altitude and low temperatures. We were advised to use EXTREME memory cards and this should safeguard our precious memeories. Hope this is usefull to you. Regards, Graham.


Hi Paul, great idea, I'll be wearing buff coloured jacket and trousers, sandals and a posey Tilley hat at Heathrow, also I have a beard and I'm incredibly ugly, people normally shriek and run away when they see me. Oh, and I'll have a small grey daysac. So look out for me and we'll take it from there. Looking forward to meeting all my fellow travellers. Regards, Graham.

Liz Walker

Sounds a plan. I guess we will all be the ones with the big black holdalls with Exodus emblazened down the sides! Got mine on Friday. Name a time and I will see you both at the check in desk. Good tip on the memory cards...got to get a few more so may well get the extreme ones!


Hello again, Just a reminder to everyone, don't forget to bring your high protection factor suncream and lip balm, these will help protect your face and hands against the glare of the Sun which is more intense at altitude. Also it's a good idea to build up your gut's defences by taking a lot of those live yoghurt drinks and multibionta tablets or similar. These will help prevent you getting the trots. Regards, Graham.


Hello again, another tip that might prove usefull, Check out any web site giving a list of drugs that are prohibited in the UAE, some of these will suprise you but you could end up in an arab nick for four years just for passing through Abu Dhabi with them. If you can't find a relevant website give me a ring on 07789375119 and I'll help you out. One more nicer tip is yake a "Sigg" type bottle with you if you can fit it in your bag, then at night in the colder places have the cook boy fill it with hot water and put it in your sleeping bag. MMM hot water bottle, lovely. Graham.

Liz Walker

Again some useful tips...was going to cross check that UAE list of banned substances this weekend against everything I am taking!  

Any idea on a suitable amount of money to take?? Was going to get travellers cheques and have my debit card as a back up....


I'm taking £300.00 in travellers cheques and some sterling. A few  American dollars is always a good safe guard, you can use them practically anywhere.

Excitement is setting in.  Have spent most of the morning packing, getting organised and looking at maps.  Wow!

Am planning to get to Heathrow in good time about 1730 so hope to meet up with you all around then and book in together for the flight.


Liz Walker

Nearly done with my packing. Struggled to get the wieght down to 12kg!! Think I am there now! 5.30pm was about the time I was aiming for! My mobile is 07733014605 for info.



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