Heavenly Mountains (...but arriving in Bishkek at a distinctly unheavenly hour)

Hello to anyone going on this trip - website indicates 4 spaces left so I guess that means there are 11 of you out there. Have just received my "blue bag" (tho worryingly I've still not sorted the visa...) so  anticipation is building. Looking forward to it hugely - would welcome any tips on kit, Central Asia etc. - and maybe swapping a few messages before we go. However, not averse to the traditional route of doing introductions post-longhaul flight in a strange airport at 4am instead...



Hi Ed, and anyone else going on this trip.  I've also seen the post by Bob and Ingrid a couple of pages further on, but not posted a reply yet.  I spoke with the Exodus man yesterday to see where my flight ticket was and he said that the group consists of twelve, singles and couples.  I would be glad to hear from anyone else going, and also any advice.  I went to Everest Base Camp with Exodus a few years ago, and my favourite bit of kit was my down jacket.  It was really hot in Kathmandu and Lukla, but -15 at the top.  I know we don't go so high but I am guessing it will be similar, unless anyone has advice to the contrary.  See you all on 18/07/08!  I am really looking forward to it.



Wendy - thanks for the reply. I hadn't realised there was a previous post on a different page: what an e-clutz I am!!! Apologies to Bob, Ingrid and anyone else trying to find a single thread on the 17 July trip - I've clearly put a spanner in the works and would direct anyone back to Bob and Ingrid's earlier post!Anyway, thanks for the tip on the down jacket - I've committed to taking by ski/mountaineering shell instead so let's hope I pack enough base layers. At least it'll provide a laugh when say you told me so as my h'thermia kicks in on Day 2...

Hi Ed, No worries about starting another log. Your forgiven :-)

In terms of kit, have you trekked in the Himilaya before? If so, then I would not bring anything different. Light weight, wicking and cool clothes for the foothills and warmer stuff for higher days and most evenings. As Wendy suggests, bring a nice comfy down jacket and you cannot go wrong. For me it is strange the porters are human given the area is reknown for its horseman. It just means I cannot bring as much chocolate as I would normally. Besides it might all melt. When I checked yesterday the temeprature was 37C in Bishkek! See you at four!



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