Classic Peru

Hi there. Is anyone doing this trip or Galapagos extention? Lots of people seem to be doing the Inca Trail & Rainforest but not Cassic Peru. There must be someone out there! love to here from you



 Yes, Im going just on the Classic Peru trip.  It is good to know that I'm not alone! So is this your first trip like this and with Exodus?


Hi Redwing Great to hear from you. This is our second trip with Exodus, we did the Classic Everest 3 years ago.Great trip but I found the altitude a bit troublesome so a bit worried about the Inca Trail. Coca tea is supposed to help. My son is currently out there so waiting to hear how he gets on. Still not sur what clothes to take & how cold it will be.Is this your first trip with Exodus & where else have you travelled? Any tips on what we should pack would be gratefully received! Would love to hear from anyone else doing this trip. Frances & Doreen


Hi Doreen & Francis

Good to hear from you.  No I have never been with Exodus before but they have a good reputation.  I went Africa for a month on a truck tour and hopefully this will be something like that.  I'm worried about the altitude sickness as well - have you managed to get anything in the UK for it?  I went to the doctors but they just said to lie down if you dont feel well - not much help.  So what did you do before when you did not feel well with it? did you take anything? Im glad that Im not doing the trail I dont think that my stamina is that good.  Im abit worried about how fit you need to be for this trip as we are travelling and seeing so much.  Any thoughts?

So what are you packing - Im just thinking of taking layers as not sure what the weather/temperature will be as we are travelling around so much. What are you planning to take?

Be good to hear from you.






Hi Michelle

Not long now! I'm also a bit worried about the level of fitness, but have been going to the gym & doing as much walking as I can. Doreen is much fitter than me & has lots of stamina! I think layers are right as I believe it gets pretty cold at night.Have heard from my daughter-in-law  & she says not worry about the trail, they were fine. They went with another company but were looked after very well, so I imagine it'll be the same for us. Not sure what to take for the jungle, will it be hot? I'm going to see my Dr to see if she will presribe anything for altitude but I doubt it. I didn't take anything last time except Paracetamol for headache, but will take some glucose this time as I couldn't eat last time! Look forward to meeting you





Only a month to go - I cant believe that it is here so quickly! 

Yes Im also going to the gym - doing alot of swimming so hopefully the stamina will be ok.

So are you walking the trail?  Im not planning to.  I was just going to go up by train. Yes I've asked my doctor about the altitude isckness and she just said to lie down - not much help there then!  I think the coca leaves are suppose to work so will have to rely on them unless we can get anything in Peru. Glucose is a good idea together with lots of imoduim.  Better to be prepared than anything else!

 Also looking forward to meeting you.  What flight are you going on?


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