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India anyone? - Land of the Tiger (AIW)

Anyone off to India to do a spot of tiger-spotting (hopefully!) from 27th December? 




Hi Jackie

I'm booked on the 27th December for Land of the Tigers.   

Have you done any Exodus holiday before?  I haven't and I'm not sure what to expect. 

Am really looking forward to it and can't quite believe there is only 6 months left to wait!



Hi Jackie and Emma

I have done this trip and it was fantastic. A couple of tips: we all bought scarves while there - not the woolly kind, just something to cover your face because when you are in the jeeps it is very, very dusty. I went in January so I expect you will have similar conditions. The tiger drives start at 6 am, and it is a good two or three hours until it warms up, especially when the jeep is on the move. You need a hat and some warm layers, although we also borrowed blankets from the lodges. I only had one sweatshirt and it got filthy, so I wished I had taken two so I could have had time to wash and dry one. Maybe a quick-drying fleece would be a better idea. Preferably dust-coloured to start with. :-)

And... yes, we did see tigers. For me, the best wildlife encounter ever.



Hi Emma & Kate

 I've done an exodus trip before (I went to Jordan with them earlier this year) and they were fantastic!  I went on my own and had the best holiday of my life.  met up with some really interesting people and have a great time!  I reckon this one will be as good as Jordan.  Look forward to meeting you.  If you're travelling through Heathrow we can meet up in the departure lounge if you want company.  A few of us last time met in O'Neills so we made sure we all got on the right plane!

Thanks for the advice about India Kate.  I wasn't really sure what the weather would be like or what to pack - other than a camera and plenty of batteries!  I haven't got as far as planning for it yet, and am not looking forward to getting the inoculations done!  Really looking forward to the holiday already though!  Hopefully a great way to let the new year in!!




Thanks Kate for the advice.  This is the really useful sort of advice which is not contained in leaflets on the trip, but only gained through experience! I'm glad you saw tigers, I can only imagine what it was like and luckily only have 5 months left to know what it is like.

Hi Jackie, I am going through Heathrow and more than happy to meet you in O'Neills.   I think its a nice start to a holiday to meet your fellow travellers before getting on the plane and there is only so much shopping that can be done before your flight!



That's great.  I'll meet you in O'Neills before the flight - and we can sort out times etc nearer the time.  Also, if anyone else is around we can meet up with them too.

  I'm currently sorting out my Indian visa (the form is incomprehensible but I suspect I'm being very stupid!)and organising vaccinations (aaarrrgghhhh!)!  Really looking forward to those tigers though!




Hi jackie

I haven't had my injections yet, I'm leaving them to the last minute as I have a tendancy to have to lie down for a few minutes afterwards. Hopefully I can get away with as few as possible, without leaving myself vulnerable to nasty illnesses!  Are you using Travcour to get your Visa, or are you doing it all yourself?

O'neills on 27th December it is then!  This will soon come around.  Its hard to believe that its not that long until the end of summer, which I personally feel never really become a season as it was only 2 weeks long!



Yes, I got my visa through Travcour.  They were really good and I had the visa in record time - about 4 days from sending off the form.  It took some working out to complete the form though!  I live in Lancaster so didn't fancy the trek to London.  I have my injections next Thursday.  A friend of mine has just had hers for Egypt and spent the weekend in bed recovering, so I'm not really looking forward to mine!  Can't remember what my doctor recommended but it was quite a list and depends on whereabouts in India you're going. 

I'm starting to get excited! Really looking forward to new year in India. Treating myself to a new camera.  I just hope those tigers are around!




This is one thing that I am not looking forward to.  I think that I am going to have to have at least 3 injections!  Last time I had one, which luckily was Hep A so that's 1 off the list, I had to have a lie down for 10 minutes afterwards.

I am also looking for a new camera.  With my current camera, once I depress the button it takes a couple of seconds for the picture to take! There is no way that I am going to miss taking a shot of a tiger because of my camera. 

See you in less than 4 months!


The jabs don't hurt - much!  What was more painful was raiding the visa to buy a new camera.  Ouch!    Does anyone know if we need to start on the anti-malarial pills?  I'm not sure if we're in a malarial area.




I've just seen on the new brochure that the date for this trip is now 28th December.  Is that correct?  I wonder if the price for the trip has changed also?




We're coming tiger spotting on Dec 27th too and counting down the days!!  O'Neills sounds like an excellent idea-see you there!!



 From the final details I've got, I believe there's 6 of us tiger-spotting on the 27th.  I can't wait! Really excited now.  I hope those tigers are ready for us!  Off to get my traveller's cheques sorted - hurrah!

Ignore earlier panic about the date and price.  I rang and checked with Exodus.  For some bizarre reason the website advertised a different departure day for a couple of days! 

Think our flight is 8.30pm, so I'm aiming to hanging around O'Neills (once you're through security) from about 7/7.30pm.  If you're around, give me a shout.  I've got long red curly hair (and buckets of suncream!) - you can't miss me!

See you very soon!  



Hi Guys

Another of the gang appears!

I am beginning to realise that we are all going to see some tigers very soon. I thought that I might have to cancel as my Mum had to have an operation, but all OK now. Thank God!

Speaking to Exodus today, sounds like there are now seven of us.

It would be good to meet up pre flight. I'll be the one requesting a legroom seat, as I'm 6' 4"!

Hopefully we can chat soon.



Hi Jonathan

 Great to hear from you.  7 should be a good number for the trip.  I'm now getting really excited about going and have started throwing clothes in the general direction of my bags!  I've no idea what to expect, other than some tigers  hopefully!

Hope to see you in O'Neills.  I'll be looking out for the tall bloke who got the extra leg room! ; )





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