Anyone else on this trip ?

Hi. I am Dennis and travelling alone from Doha, Qatar where I work. Love trekking. Did Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia (4100m), Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal (4100m) and Fansipan Vietnam (3100m). Have to travel to climb cos the highest point in my country is only 164m high. Have always been intrigued by the thought of climbing Kilimanjaro plus can't resist the thought of spending time in exotic Africa.  Anyone having sleepless nights thinking about it ? I do sometimes especially about how not to have the drinking water freeze on the last night and praying hard that I don't get altitude sickness. Can't find insulated water bottles here in the shop. Don't want to get the camelbak. Neither can I find Diamox in the pharmacies. Sigh.

Doha is flat so training for me is gym gym gym. Found a link on 2 months training in the gym for Kili climb, if anyone is interested. Will try walking around the Corniche (bay) tomorrow to run in the new boots. Anyone else on this same trek ?    


How's everyone with the training? For the past week, I have slackened a bit with my training plus put on some weight too. Got to pick up on the training. Ordered my BD trekking pole, gaiters and the heat packs. Waiting for them to arrive. Gave up on the Outdoor Research insulated water bottle parka (US$15) idea - will think of another way. Maybe saturate water in bottle with Tang or Pokari to make it more difficult to freeze or open a few heat packs (US$1 for 2) and hope the backpack stays warm. Anyone getting iodine pills ? - can't find those here too.


I wonder if this route should be called Lemosho. The Shira Route I read includes a drive up to the Shira Plateau. This one starts from Londorrosi Gate which sounds more like the Lemosho Route that is commonly known. 4 weeks to go. I only getting my trekking poles and gaiter this weekend. Still deciding if I should get a daypack instead of the one that I have.


10 man and 1 lady in this group. That's an interesting mix.

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