Kili and safari - TYX838, Sept 21st departure.


My wife Katherine and i have just booked this trip. We have also tacked a couple of days in Zanzibar on the end.

Would be interested to hear from anyone else doing this trip and from anyone who has some general advice about it - I think my wife is most concerned about being cold.

We've both done kinabalu and the inca trail without any probs, although I realise this is a different level altitude wise. Concentrating on getting as fit as poss between now and then.

Hope to hear from you.



Hi Mike

 Myself and my friend Steve are also going on this trip. Can't believe it is coming around so fast, we booked back in November! I also did the Inca Trail last year which was fantastic, but like you say, this is on a whole other level. I'm guessing the temperature will vary greatly over the course of the climb but hopefully the sense of satisfaction in reaching the sumit (fingers crossed) will compensate for the cold at the top.

How much training are you doing? Mine started off really well but seems to have dropped off at the minute, hoping to do a few big walks over the next couple of months but I guess nothing really prepares you for the altitude.

Speak soon, Gemma


Hi there,

When did you do inca trail? We were in Peru the last two weeks of September and the first week of October last year - just after Pisco earthquake and so we couldn't go to Pisco or Ballestas islands which was a shame. We loved Peru but we went with Intrepid and weren't that impressed which is why we thought we'd give Exodus another go after an awesome trip to Borneo with them a few years ago.

I'm just running around my local park to get fit, perhaps i should join a gymn and use a stepper. Although we are off to Mayrhofen in Austria for a week tomorrow and will be doing lots of walking in the mountains. They only get up to about 3,000m though.

I am looking forward to the trip but with some trepidation  - I think it's only now I've booked it that I realise what I've let myself in for!






Hi Mike

 Yes, I know what you mean! We booked the trip in November thinking we would have loads of time to get fit but I really haven't done enough. Now its only a couple of months to go and I'm starting to panic! I'm also running to try and build up some endurance and will try and get a few long walks in before we leave.

 I did the Inca trail last May. I did it with Exodus and found them to be a really good company.

 Where abouts in the UK are you based?

 Well, enjoy Austria, hopefully you will get lots of good walking in. The hills will be a great help even if they don't reach 6000m!

Regards, gemma


Hi Gemma,

Just got back from Austria. Had a great time and did quite a bit of walking in the mountains. Found it okay, but definitley need to get fitter.

Have you got all your gear yet? We've got four season self-inflating sleeping mats, thermal sleeping bag liners, and my wife bought me a four season sleeping bag from Blacks. It's a synthetic bag with a comfort rating down to -8. It was quite cheap at £45 and I think it's £40 at the moment as there is a sale on.

Need to get my layers sorted now - I've not had to buy technical gear before - what do you recommend I look out for?

We live in Ilford by the way. If you are in London at any point before the trip let me know, would be good to meet.

 Bye for now,






Hi Mike

 Glad you had a great time in Austria. I haven't managed to get much walking in recently, other than a couple of hours after work occasionally, it just seems to be coming around so fast!

I'm thinking of hiring sleeping bags etc but it does work out quite expensive so may see if I can pick up any bargins - thanks for the tip!  As far as base layers go, i'll take a set of thermals and also a selection of running tops and tights as they are quite thin but still quite warm.

 I have just had a panic about visa's and vaccinations this morning! Are you getting your visa before you go? I think you can also get it at the airport but it may save time to get it in advance. Are you having a yellow fever vaccination? I have heard contradictory advise...

 Steve and I both work at St Barts so it would be great to meet up one evening if you are around. My email is [email protected], this might be easier as I have a tendency to forget to check this site!

 Speak soon, Gemma


I just thought I’d check to see if anyone else was on my trip and I found 4 people!I’m doing the extra bit to Zanzibar too, I was thinking that a few days lying on a  beach would be just what I needed after all that effort.I’ve been doing a fair bit of weekend hiking with a friend from work, who just did the 3 peaks, but he’s over the hiking now so if anyone is planning a hike over the next few weekends I’d love to join you. I live just outside Manchester and have easy access to the peak district, lake district and Snowdon.I too did a trek in Peru and made it to around 4600m without too many symptoms of altitude sickness but I was chewing loads of coca leaves – not sure you get these in Tanzania…I sent off for my visa today and am off to get my jabs on weds, can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away. Look forward to meeting you all Fiona



Hi Fiona,

Glad to hear from someone else who's going on this trip.

 This is a major coincidence - it's my wife's birthday on saturday and as a surprise, and to train for kili, i'm taking her to the peak district for the weekend.

It's all a bit last minute as I wasn't sure whether she'd have to work the weekend, but she's only working on the monday. So we are driving up to Derby from london on the Friday night, and staying the night in Derby before getting up early and spending all day saturday walking. We'll the stay in a B&B somewhere in the peak district on saturday night before returning to london sunday evening after some more walking.

 If you woud like to meet us for a walk somewhere on sat or sunday then we'd be really glad to meet you. I haven't got a clue about where to go for walks. I know there's loads there, but i'm looking to do some quite challenging stuff on at least one day.

 My e-mail is [email protected]

Hope to see you soon,




We are doing this trip too except we are off to maritius for a week after.We are actually on our honeymoon.

We have done a bit of walking in as we live in the snowdonia range but we have never walked abroad before.I am quite worried about it . I  am also worried about the cold and what i need to take clothing wise us ladies like to pack their whole wardrobe .

I am too worried about th alltitude sickness but there is not much you can do to prevent that i believe ?

If you have any tips or advice please could you let us know

look forward to meeting you




Hello Fellow Travellers

We are Lorraine & Peter and have just been reading all your e-mails! We have decided we had better do some training so Peter has opened a bottle of wine!

Seriously, you all sound very organised and we too have been giving the trip a lot of thought these last few week; how much training to do? How on earth Lorraine can manage the baggage allowance? What medication is required? etc...

With regard to training, we have done a few long distance walks over the past few months and had a long weekend in the Lakes recently, which proved challenging enough! The Peak District is on our doorstep so we are lucky and did a walk on bank holiday Monday.  Peter is playing extra squash matches & I have been doing some running to improve our general fitness.  However, neither of us have done anything like Kilimanjaro so, needless to say, we are looking forward to our trip with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation.

We are definitely looking forward to meeting you all though.


Lorraine & Peter 




Looks like we got our full complement on here, as we received the confirmation letter the other day saying there were a total of 9 people on the trip, and looks like everyone is represented on here.

It's really starting to hit home what I'm letting myself in for, so starting to get a little overawed by the whole thing.

 I think I've got pretty much everything I need now, just sending off for the visa today. I was also thinking we might need transit visas for Kenya, but i rang up about that and they said it wasn't necessary.

 I was at the doc's yesterday for vaccinations and all I needed was a typhoid booster. I've had vaccinations for Hep A, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Yellow fever. The nurse said I could have Hep B, Meningitis, TB and rabies vaccinations if I wanted to, but that the first 3 were only really necessary if I was going somehwere very crowded. As most of our time will be spent on kili or in the safari parks she said they wouldn't be necessary. As for rabies, I'm sure I will get back to Arusha within 24 hours if anything bites me!

Looking forward to meeting you all.

 Bye for now,



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