Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island


 Is there anyone else going on this trip? I'm really looking forward to it although I'm dissappointed about the closure of the Bella-Coola to Port Hardy ferry. I really wanted to see Grizzlies.

Looking forward to Vancouver Island, people who have been there say its great and I'm hoping there will be enough time to visit the aquarium 



I'm not doing this trip on the same departure date, but on the 26th July. As I haven't had any replies to my post so far I thought I'd look at August and September and found your post. Hmmm.... do you think this trip mainly attracts people who aren't great internet users? All the other trips seem to be getting loads of replies. Not to worry, I've been on quite a few Exodus trips before, and the great thing is most people have plenty in common as they have chosen the same trip. That's a shame about the altered intinerary - I had to check it wasn't for my departure as well as it was news to me. Hopefully you will still get to see grizzlies - that will certainly be a highlight for me if I do.

A question for you - are you taking travellers cheques? The trip notes recommend them, but I have a feeling that's standard trip note wording, and I've noticed in recent years they are becoming less widely used and some places I have been, the guide has said they won't be easy to cash. I visited Canada nearly 20 years ago and seem to remember you could use them like cash in most shops, but I wonder if that is still the case.


I intend to take cash, I really can't be bothered with travellers cheques. If cash is good enough for India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Argentina and Ecuador then I don't see why it shouldn't suffice for Canada. I usually get my cash from American Express as their rates are the best where I live

I've gone for cash not travellers cheques too. I'm almost packed and ready to go.



Hi all. I found this conversation when I was looking for fellow travellers on the Masai Mara/Gorillas trip.  I live in Vancouver, and I had no idea that Exodus offered trips to Canada!  Anyway, I saw your conversation about money, and I really can't imagine why anyone would bring either traveller's cheques or a great deal of cash.  I'd use a bank card or credit card just like the rest of the modern world! 

Your trip sounds great, and I'm sure you'll see bears on your route.  Keep an eye out particularly in the early morning.  Any other questions - ask away!

I've just returned from this trip - it was fantastic. I used my credit card mostly, plus the cash I took with me. I couldn't make debit card withdrawals as I forgot to let my bank know I wanted to use the card abroad - even though I went into my local branch to collect my Canadian dollars, telling them about my card went right out of my head. So if you want to use your cards abroad, don't forget to do this.

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