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A taste of Cuba 20/07/08

Anyone going on a taste of Cuba on 20th July.  My friend and I are travelling from Dublin and are really excited.


Hi - my wife and I travelling from London (although I'm Irish too!).  Really looking forward to it but weather forecasts show thunderstorms every day in Havana so packing light waterproofs.  2 years of intensive salsa lessons and finally my chance to shine (think I dreamt that last bit!)


hiya, you'll have a great time! i've just come back from the 6th of july tour. we had a great time, its very hot and make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent. i travelled from dublin to gatwick as well.

let me know if you have any questions, and i'll do my best!


Hi cici - 2 things 1) what's it like for vegetarians - should I bring some Mars bars?!  2) any idea on how much cash to bring?  Was thinking of changing about 300 euros each in Havana airport.  Presume credit cards are rare?




Glad someone has done salsa lessons .....  ! 

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