I have read the reviews and having met a couple of people who have already been on this holiday I am very excited and looking forward to this trip. I am not looking forward the train journey which seems to be only negative in the reviews, but who knows it might not be so bad.

I am Tess and travelling on my own, I commute cycle along a nice flat canal and go out social cycling with CTC at the weekends. I am trying to get a little fitter on the hills before I go!

 Looking forward to meeting others going on this trip


Hi Tess, I’m Stuart, and I booked on this trip last week. The lady at Exodus told me that there are lots of single travelers (myself included), with 8 ladies and 7 men (20s - 1F, 2M; 30s - 2F, 1M; 40s - 2F, 1M; 50s - 2F, 2M, 60s - 1M; ??? - 1F). I’m not traveling on the “organised” flight from the UK, but I am booked on the Air Malaysia flight from KL so will no doubt meet you at the arranged meeting point at Saigon airport. I can’t say that I’ve done much cycling really, so I am a little bit apprehensive about that, and am therefore trying to spend 30 mins a day on an exercise bike in preparation. Otherwise I am really looking forward to it; I am sure we will have a great time as there is a nice age range of people. See you in 5 weeks!



Hi Tess and Stuart,

I am Florence and one of the females in their 30's booked on this trip. It will be my first cycling holiday, so I am a bit apprehensive but very excited too. I excersise regularly but have only started cycling recently and my backside hurts a lot!

I will be flying out from London on 23rd August. I can't wait and look forward to meeting everyone going on the trip.



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