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Anyone out there?


Have just booked up for Andalucia for 3rd August...trip sounds amazing and am quite excited about it now- especially the paella!

 Anyone else going?



Hey John

I am going on the 3rd, Aug and really looking forward  to the break, and trips, and walking and especially the yummy food ! Have you been on an exodus trip before? This looks a nice trip with variety, and relaxing too.




Hi there, does look really good! Am in need of some relaxing, but not completely lazing! The countryside looks great and think I could use the cooking lesson too.

Did a little bit of Spanish when I was 16, so hoping 2 weeks is enough to remember a little bit. Never been on an Exodus trip either, so all quite new to me. Have you been on one before?


Hey there, im with you on that one !! I need to relax, but couldn't laze about all day, I need to go and adventure !! and yes, I'm looking forward to the Spanish cooking. I don't know any Spanish, which is rather bad, and now i'm feeling a little lazy and bad, maybe pick up a quick phrase book at the airport and swot up !!! Ola is about as far as I go !!? ooops ! Never been on exodus, but have been on explore, and am assuming they are the same thing really - which I enjoyed, so looking forward to it.


As a rule "ola", "si" and "cerveza" get you through most situations on holiday- but I think this one might require a little more- try "vino tinto" too :)

Never heard of Explore either, but they do look pretty similar. Usually my adventure holidays consist of my best friend stealing my credit card and booking me on a flight somewhere unexpected, so going to be a bit more fun being in a group and actually having time to pack!

Are you flying out with the group or making your own way there? They were having issues with my flights, so I'm showing up in Malaga a few hours before everyone else...


Hey, I booked mine about 3weeks ago, and the flights were ok, so I am on the same plane as the group. Will you be finding your own way there, or just chilling out reading a book and awaiting our flight? I'm guessing the latter, I guess you can also chat to the leader, and it takes time for luggage etc, the time will go quite quickly, and no need for any stress. So tell me about this credit card is it available for anyone to book holidays on :o) sounds like you have trust in your best friend.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the group, I'm really looking forward to it, I've just noticed it's a week Sunday ! I'd better book my parking at the airport. It's whizzing it's way here. Has anyone else joined the forum I can't see they have....?


Hi! I am joining you on this week and bringing along my daughter. I took my younger daughter with me for the last two years and Exodus trips and we both had fantastic holidays, even thouhg she was only 17 the first time we went. We did A week in Tuscany - with lots of hilly walks, and then last year The Amalfi Coast. Both were super - hard walking but good company and wine! This time we are going to be more cultural I believe! ( I did think I had booked another walking holiday until my daughter corrected me!!) I know no Spanish what so ever!

Does anyone want to try and meet at Gatwick before we meet the courier at Malaga?



Hi there, glad we're not the only ones now :)

 I'm getting into Malaga at 4.35, so got three hours to chill and and read a book before meeting up with all of you! 

 Ah, the magic credit card that all my holidays go on. Fortunately I've taken to hiding it so my best mate can't send me anywhere else for the minute. Obviously she's greatly trusted...if she didn't have keys to my house she wouldn't be able to cause half as much trouble :)

 Wow, Margaret, you sound like a real Exodus junkie- if I had more cash I'd probably be the same!

Guessing I'll be meeting you all in Malaga, unless anyone else is flying easyjet? Haven't even started packing yet but am moving house this weekend, so packing for a week should be pretty easy after all this...




Hi everyone, well i'm not tinking about packing yet, sometime next week will work itself out. At least we know it is very likely to be hot, so lots of summer clothes, or rather not so much lots, but not winte anyhow, so makes packing lighter.

I will be going to Gatwick with the group, and will be doing some shopping there too. As there are a few items I'd like to get purchase, always nice to get a new bottle of perfume, aye John !? . Well the weather is good for a house move, today I cycled 16miles, and am pleased I am not on a cycle holiday! boy saddles hurt! I looked at the Itinery whilst laying in my hammock yesterday, and it all looks like fun, and relaxing.

4 should go up from what I heard from the guy booking the trip I believe there are quite a few of us going.  Can start counting down as of tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


The previous trips I have done have had about 12 on - mainly women and great groups each time. I am still in touch with some from each one. I am getting into the holiday mood now - I might even buy a pair of shorts! (Not always brave enough to wear them.)


Only joking !!! Glad to hear you are in the holiday mood. Me too !!! Well we have John coming along too so at least he'll make sure us women behave.


It was good before getting a list of names then trying to identify people at the aiport - and usually getting it wrong! Practised shorts wearing today - need another pair too if I am going to wear them.


It is funny when you are at the airport thinking, hmmm I bet they are in the group, and oh no I hope they aren't in the group !! snigger ! But I think suprise is also good. Sometimes I guess technology spoils some things. I remember the days of travelling and having to go to a post office to get mail from someone, but maybe i'm showing my age. I looked at the weather for Malaga and its 34 degrees, shorts are a must !


Hello, back online now- obviously before taking a holiday it's a good idea to move house!!

Can't guarantee I'll keep you ladies in line- but always enjoy being the token male- always am at work anyway....I tend to be the one who causes everyone else to misbehave :)

I'm guessing the first time we meet I'll be doing exactly what Sue said - working out who's who! I'm also guessing I need to buy some shorts too- apparently even as a child I hated wearing them, but it does look a little toasty where we're going, so I'll give it a go!

Anyone started packing yet?



I think I make 5!  Looking forward to the paella and the relaxation.I miss getting the list of name of people on the trip as it always helped me work out who was who in the first couple of days, but at least I now know 3 of you and Margarets daughter. This will be my 4th trip with Exodus and the previous ones have been great so I'm sure this one will be too.  I will look out for you at Gatwick, I'll have an Exodus luggage label on a blue back pack.



So there is John, meeting us in Malaga; Sue, Olwyn, Louise (my daughte) and me potentially meeting, or trying to work out who we all are anyway, in Gatwick. I too will have a blue backpack with an Exodus label and if you catch us early Louise and I will be pulling matching red cases - OK when travelling apart but the kids so too embarassing when we are together! My list says 9 people traveling but that may not include late bookers.

You are brave moving house the week before you go on holiday, John! I am confused enough by spending 2 days in Norwich with louise then bringing here before we go to Gatwick. See you all - and others - on Sunday.


John, glad the house move went ok, Olwyn great to hear you are joining us, and Margaret I will look out for you and Louise with the token back packs, and Olwyn too. I've not decided what to use for luggage yet, so can't give you any clues yet! Sunday is rushing forward now, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, and having a great break. See you all on Sunday. Sue


Hi!  OK I bought some today, but I am not promising to wear them! Like John, I have hated wearing them my whole life but if the other short haters will wear them so will I.  Having a bit of a panic tonight as Sunday is looming and I'm travelling to London on Agh! must go and iron or something!  Hope all is going well with the post house move?  Will be looking out for blue back packs and red cases.  And looking forward to some clues from Sue. See you soon. Olwyn


Louise and I are both taking shorts - and neither of us are stick thin! Still not sure about bags - want one big enough to take a bottle of water everywhere as iis is going to be HOT!!


It does look nice and hot. I too have decided to keep in (and probably cause major confusion at some point) and also have a blue rucksac !! Not sure on case yet, just off to buy one - ooops leaving it a little short on time I know. Water is going to be high on our lists as well as suncream, I came across P20 on my travels and it last for 10hrs and is water/sweat resitent so you only need apply it once. Just incase you were wanting some, can usually get it at the airport. Right, I had best go shop.


Hi!  So if we all accost everyone in Gatwick with a blue backpack we should meet...if not arrested first! I'm nearly packed as leaving home at 10am tomorrow to travel to London. Can't cope with the stress of getting to London by mid afternoon on a Sunday, week days its easy.  So am starting my holiday early and going to the theatre...Dirty Dancing. See most of you on Sunday at Gatwick..or may be in Malaga! Olwyn 


Well, true to form I've left it totally to the last minute! Am off shopping for shoes and stuff now...

 Guessing I'll see you all at Malaga tomorrow- going to break with form a bit re the rucksacks, I can usually be seen carrying a green Che Guevara bag!

 Have a good flight and that- and good luck to those of us who haven't even done their laundry yet!!


Hi. Nicky here having just discovered this page! Am flying in from The Netherlands and think I must be the only one who has not packed yet and it is now 9pm. Like the mad dash element! First trip for me. Looking forward to my pigeon Spanish and great food and trying to fit into the clothes that fitted me when I last looked but judging from the mirror 5 minutes ago I should have gone shopping! Looking forward to meeting you all. Have been a rebel and not bought ruc sac so I will be the one with dodgey clothes that don't fit and a silly bag! Raining here so glad to be jetting off! Friend of mine did this trip a few weeks ago and said she came back half a stone heavier cos food is fab. Hey ho! I prefer the liquid diet approach myself but always wondered why it never worked. Shj-e recommends the freezer stocked full of yummy icecream!

See you tomorrow. My flight lands around 19.15 so don't leave without me!


Nicky :)

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