Kili climb TYW834 22Aug departure

Just wanted to find out who else is going on the Kili climb on 22nd August departure - would be great if we could touch base as the big day is fast approaching!

Laki name is Laki. I am also doing the trek on the 22nd. Travelling with 2 other really god friends Jess and Vicky. How is your training going? Are you ready yet?




Hi Laki - great to hear from a fellow passenger!  Training is ok but we don't have many hills where we live so haven't been able to do big hikes :-(.  How's your training going and are you looking forward to the trip - not long to go!  Are you based in the UK? Cheers, Lisa


sorry- I have forgotten too check this site. Might be easier for you to email me at home on [email protected]


I am training hard ( ish) I have been running every morning that Ican drag myself out of bed and this week am walking 6 miles each day. I have a dog which helps. Yes I live in the UK- in Godstone in surrey. You?



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