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Gorillas & Masai Mara - 22 August Departure

Hi there,

I will be departing from Heathrow and was wondering if anyone will be travelling on the same flight and would like to meet up beforehand.  Would be good to make contact with other travellers on this trip as well who would like to spend time together in Nairobi prior to getting the connecting Kigali flight.   This will be my first Africa trip.

Keep me posted!



I am also booked on the Heathrow flight with my sister, it would be great to meet up, I think 7 hours in Nairobi airport will be a good time to get to know each other! This is my first African trip also.



alison yates

hi we are alison and geoff yates who are on the trip we live up in the north west of england(northern bumpkins)we live out in the countryside but dont have any gorillas or big cats hence the reason for the trip, we hope to meet up with fellow travellers in nairobi  airport shold be able to identify us as we will be the couple with the big red kitbags (as im not sure a red rose in my lapel will last that long in the heat)if you see us in the airport come and speak to us the codeword will be exodus. this is our 1st time to africa and there still seems a lot to do but we are starting to get excited and are looking forward to the trip

geoff and alison

Hi Vicky (& sister) and Alison & Geoff - Uh oh - two Alison's on the trip, guess I'll just stick to Ali_G to avoid confusion.  I will be at Heathrow the stipulated time before take-off for security (sigh....) so Vicky I am sure we will hook up in the check-in queue or if you want to drop me a line using my personal email, I'd be happy to make arrangements for a place to meet you and your sister beforehand.  Alison & Geoff, look forward to meeting you at Nairobi airport and will certainly look out for your red kit bags.  As we are all first timers, wow what a lot of  experiences lay ahead.  It is well over 20 years since I did any serious camping so this should be fun - I'm well up for this trip but not sure my fitness levels are quite what they should be.  Only a few weeks to go now.  Thanks for your replies, it was great to get your responses.

Ali_G (Alison)


Not long to go now soo excited!! Ali and the sisters yes it would be good to meet up possibly in the terminal beforehand at heathrow and the very long connection flight wait. So this is everyones first time doing something like this ive done a few in africa before cant wait to go again. Anyway looking forward to meeting you all!! Let us know if you fancy meeting before flight at airport.  


We would like to meet up at Heathrow after we get in the departure lounge at about 18.00. Does anyone know a good meeting spot? if not how about the information desk, I would hope its easy enough to find.

Vicky and Josie.


Hi all again, yes that sounds fine, so il make my way to the BA information desk for 6 or around that time, well see you all soon then!!!!!!

alison yates

hi everyone we will try to meet up also at the british airways info desk on friday does anyone know how cold it will be at night as we are not sure what to pack for the evenings looking forward to meeting you all

geoff and alison


For those of you on the full service trip, I have just got back to the UK having left the team who will be taking your trip back from Kigali to Nairobi (we did Niarobi to Kigali).

 The trip is fantastic, and Often, Nebat and Benard (your guides / cook) are incredible. You will have a wonderful time and I'm very jealous that I couldn't stay over there and do it all over again in reverse with you!

Have a great time!


PS - pack something warm to wear on the back of the truck!! It can get quite chilly when you're travelling even though its hot outside.


There's not much to do at Nairobi airport, and the cafe gets very warm and busy.

I just got back from the same trip as Kerry and second her comments re Often, Benard and Nebert.  If you get chance go for white water rafting at Jinja - it may well be the most terrifying day of your life.

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