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I am going on the 'a week in Jordan' trip on the 16th August. I just wondered if anyone could advise me about how much i need to cover up. for example, would it be OK to wear shorts that are above the knee and do i have to cover my shoulders and upper arms at all times?

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I noticed nobody provided an answer to the above question, but I too am wondering how much I need to cover up in Egypt & Jordan? Are any shorts or knee-length skirts acceptable? Do arms & shoulders need to be covered at all times, or only in certain places? Any advice is appreciated.

Hello Guys. We did the Wadi Rum & Petra trek earlier this year, and if you go to the Departure Lounge, Archive (at the bottom of the page) and check out the "Jordan Anyone" thread in March '08 you will find lots of useful information on travelling in Jordan from lots of travellers. Jordan is a marvellous place, and Wadi Rum is stunning. Take big memory cards for your cameras and enjoy.


Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to clarify. Egypt and Jordan are both Muslim countries and during certain visits you will be asked to cover up. Shorts and t shirt are fine for when you are in the desert or travelling in Egypt or Jordan. The only times you will expected to cover your arms and legs is when you enter mosques or other religious/archeological sites. Your guide will always advise you before visiting the sites on appropriate dress.

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Best regards, Lesley (Africa product)

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