A week in Andalucia - anyone going on 17th Aug?

Hi, I'm going solo on this trip and just looking to see who else might be going.

Trip on 3rd sounds popular!



Hi there - only just the internet at home and am pleaesed to see someone already on the forum. I am also going solo (oo that's the title of a roald dahl book!) and am looking forward to the trip. It'll be my first time travelling with Exodus but it has been recommended by friends so I hope it lives up to my expectations! I believe there are 10 travellers altogether - should be fun!

My first  trip with Exodus too. Looking forward to escaping the rain and to the food, wine and hopefuly some interesting fellow travellers. not long now! :0)



Im quite excited now and wondering what to pack! Also a bit nervous as Im such a fussy eater - oh dear :-$ well you only live once ey! Are you goign from Gatwick?

currently high 30s (Celsius, I don't speak Farenheit!) in Seville, so probably will pack loads of t-shirts, and as much light/airy clothing that I can find. Looks like I'll be wearing my wet weather gear for the UK though! I'm not sure how much spending money to take ...

I'm flying from Gatwick, how about you? If so, would be happy to meet up at the airport, if you'd like.

The food sounds good, but I'm not a fan of seafood, so that's my only worry.. especially, since they'll be cooking a huge paella at some point!


That's my worry as I have tried Paella and wasn't too keen - still i've gotta give it a go! It's a shame no-one else has posted a hello-i'm so nosey! Yes Im flying frm Gatwick but have to get the bus first so will be arriving earlier than I need to. What does the K stand for?

'Kate'. How do you get George007 from Joanne? [If you click on the greyed out person, it brings up your full name].

 You're braver than me re: seafood. Last time I tried to eat it, I turned green and promptly threw up. It's been a few years, so I could give it another try, but a similar result may not go down too well with our hosts or my fellow diners!!


What am I like!!?? Common sense doesn't prevail here! Well, 'George' is a nick name my dad calls me - never sure what I.D. to use on the net so tend to stick to that! Booked the coach(National Express) today - will arrive at Gatwick 13.05 apparently! Do you have any idea who the other travellers are? When I first booked I was told there were three other women on the trip - and they kindly told me their ages (isn't that most women's worst nightmare!!) I wonder if you were on the list! What time are you planning on arriving at Gatwick? I don't mind meeting up but don't know the terminal well enough to suggest a meeting place. Started packing today - spent ages ironing! Getting excited now!

Haven't got as far as doing my washing yet. I'll sort that out on Sat.. ie. probably be in a panic on Sat night, when I don't have everything clean!

I'll be getting the train to Gatwick - will probably arrive around 1.30ish. Would be happy to meet up to while away the hours at the airport, perhaps somewhere near the check-in desk? Not happy to give my mobile number on here, but since this seems to be a two-way conversation anyway, we could switch to email - mine's [email protected] , if you want to drop me a line.

I thought that there'd be more women than men on the trip for some reason... not that it matters to me. For the record, I'm 35.



Hi Kate.    My husband and I are going on this trip.  I've travelled with Exodus before (solo) and had a great time, so am looking forward to this one.  We are flying from Manchester so will be meeting the group at the airport in Malaga (we land at about the same time as you).  See you there - don't go without us!     Jane


Hi Kate, just to let you know that I sent an e-mail with my mobile number so hopefully we can meet at the airport. Hope your packing is going to plan! See you soon Joanne

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