A Week In Jordan 16th August

Hello there!

 I was wondering if there is anyone going on this trip and flying from Heathrow. I would love to meet up at the airport before hand. i would also love to swop idea's about what to take etc.




Dear Margaret

I'm Colin and I'm joining this trip with my daughter Clare (19). We're coming from the north of England and so making our own way with flights to/from Manchester. Actually we're arriving in Jordan a couple of days earlier than the group flight; and staying on for 5 days afterwards. Btw, my information says there'll be 12 of us in the group in total.

Looking at Exodus info and other sources such as Rough Guide suggests that women (and men, for that matter) should be very conservative about clothing; even shorts on/around the knee maybe a bit risque (though the word seems to be that the hospitality culture means no one will usually make a fuss). And definitely upper arms covered (so no strappy tops or sleeveless T's, then). I think around hotels and obviously at the beach or pool is different, but we've decided to stick with long trousers or at least cropped ones, which do have the advantage of keeping off the sun and dust. Long sleeves also do that for you, but can be rolled up... We had a shopping spree at an outdoor shop yesterday including buying a very impressive hat!

One other thing: don't turn the sole of your foot towards someone, so be careful to turn it down or tuck it in if crossing your legs or sitting on the floor/cushions.

Take some flip-flops or similar that you don't mind if they get a bit wrecked, for the Dead Sea visit.

Most important thing to take: your favourite camera (preferably digital imho) and lots of film (or memory cards)!

Looking forward to the trip and meeting you in Madaba.

Hello Colin 

Thanks so much for the information you gave me. I've had very little time to do any research yet! I had the same idea about long linen trousers and one pair of 3/4 length ones! (although I can't bear the thought of being hot, it'll be worth it to see Petra!). I've also invested in a hat and a new camera with 4GB memory card!! All I really need to buy is a good pair of walking boots so will be visiting Blacks next week! It's the first time I have travelled alone though I'm only daunted by the flight and meeting in Amaan!

Look forward to meeting you and your daughter on the trip.


P.S. Great information about not showing the soles of my feet!!

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