Anyone else on ayu836-Gorillas & Masai Mara–Kigali to Nairobi Sept 6th

Hi there - Just curious if anyone else out there is booked for this trip and is counting down the days as I am?

I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada and gave myself this trip as a 40th birthday gift to ME!!

Over the moon with excitement and looking forward to meeting you ALLLLLLL,


I went in November 2007, wish I was going again. Perhaps one day I'll make the return journey. Believe me you will love the experience.



Thank you so very much for the link to your trip dairy - it is perfect - i have already been thru the 1 st 3 days and feel much better about the trip as a whole - not as rustic as i first thought... actually eating on real plates with knives and forks and enjoying glasses of wine. i can't wait to continue on reading later and again am so grateful for the information.

big hugs, Carole


Hi Carole,

I'm also on the trip and will be flying out from Heathrow on the 5th. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting everybody.



Hi Carole and Adrian,

I am also on this trip, flying out from Heathrow on the 5th September. I'm counting down the days too, getting excited but also a little apprehensive because this is the first time I have ever done anything like this!  Looking forward to meeting you all, not long to go now!



for a moment there - or for a few days actually - i thought i was going on this amazing adventure on my own.

Emma - i am right there with you about apprehension... startign to set in now. I leave Vancouver on the 3rd, arrive in NBO on the 4th, am stayign at the Hilton ( i had to start my adventure off slowly while still maintaining some sense of north america....hahaha... so the Hilton called to me) that night, then staying at the Giraffe Manor on the 5th... then taking the flight with you guys down to Kigali. Can't wait - two weeks and 2 days.

Are either of you travelling with others?

Big Smiles, Carole 

Emma S

Hi everyone,

I'm another Emma coming on the trip!  Can't wait - the next couple of weeks is going to go so slowly! 

Comforting myself with regular looks at the photos in my Lonely Planet guide!

 Looking forward to seeing you all.



Hi there,

me and my husband are coming too...been looking forward to doing this for YEARS!

i LOVE gorillas! we'll be leaving HRW on 5th Sept too.

just about to go to outdoor shop to get David a waterproof - his old cycling jacket wont last the trip!!!!

i'm confused about what temperatures we'll be experiencing....don't want to take too much....already got the kitchen sink packed! anyone know how much cold and wet weather we'll be getting...will a light fleece and outer shell do, or do we need warm hats and scarves too? - aaargh!

 Sophie (and David)


Hello Sophie and David and New Emma!! 

I am having the same issues with packing - bc i really hate being too hot so need to bring light weight articles for day time BUT have read lots of places that it is cold in the AM as well as at the back of the trucks. I am doing a fleece vest, a couple long sleeved shirts as well as a jacket and thick socks... i am not worried about pants as i have enough 'internal insulation' that my 'lower half' is never cold.

Also i just returned the sleeping bag i just bought bc it took up too much room in my 'small' bag and will settle for a shell blanket, separate fleece blanket and small travel pillow.

Also doing hiking boots and flip flops for the daytime... are you bringing 3 pairs of shoes? I was thinking runners as well... uuuggghhh there is no SPACE.

and truthfully, if there is even a small distance i have to carry my own bag, i will be very upset about any 'extras' i bring....hahaha... because i need space saved for snacks since i am very worried about the 'selection or lack of'.

i only have 10 more sleeps - can't wait til it is single digits,




Did you see the forecast for later this week - Rain everyday - a couple are lightter than others but either way Rain in Rwanda!!

~~~while RAIN may remind me of home - i am not travelling 19hrs to enjoy it!!

Nairobi is expecting rain at the firs tof the week too...

uugghhh... but i guess if the gorillas are ok with it then so AM I!


oh nooooo RAIN! - if it's warm rain then i'm not too bothered,....hmmn might pack a small brolly as well as the kitchen sink ;-)

carole, i think i am just gonna take hiking boots and hiking sandals (bit sturdier than flip flops) - as you say 3 pairs of footwer is a bit heavy, mind you, flip flops are light......aaargh decisions, decisions.

do you think we need waterproof trousers as well? oh no yet more weight, and more damn shopping.    Aaaargh! again - anyone else taking them? i'm finding this packing thing is a nightmare for this trip ...

we've got a 110 litre bag, EACH! - you say yours is 'small', hope i haven't overdone it.

any more info from fellow travellers would be very helpful so please keep it coming - thanks for that weather report :-)


You all seem very advanced with your packing! I'd better start thinking about it this weekend, but will probably leave it all until Friday morning like all men!

Just checked on Yahoo and weather starting to look a bit better - scattered thunderstorms in Kigali and fine in Uganda and Kenya.

Does anyone fancy meeting up in Heathrow T4 before the flight? Or in Naorobi airport for the 6 hours wait?






Hi Adrian,

my husband just complained cos i laughed at your message re late packing..."you complain when i do that sort of thing" - haha...anyway i hope you've been a bit better organised with your jabs etc?!

we'll probably see Exodus labels on peoples luggage so we'll keep an eye out for you - what do you look like?

yes the 6 hour wait at Nairobi (can we leave the airport do you think? - might ask Exodus) we'll take a good book and a pillow each i reckon...can't remember what time it will be when we get to Nairobi.

[email protected] if anyone wants to communicate more beforehand (are allowed to put email addresses here?) :-)




hi gorillas trippers - i emailed Exodus to ask a few questions for myself...i've copied the answer here incase anyone else might find it useful:- Hi Sophie,Locks on your baggage is entirely up to you.  Personally I always use them, more as a deterrent, although ultimately if someone wants to get in they will.As your baggage will be checked through to Kigali you will not be able to leave the airport (at Nairobi). Rucksacks with one hard side are ok, but with the lockers on the truck it means you may have to empty your bag, put the rucksack in the bottom of the locker, then all your items back in on top of it (that will make more sense once you see them).Have a great trip!Regards, Lyndal see you all next week! - Sophie

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