Essential Peru - 30th August

Hi anybody,

I am the last? (no.17) to book for this trip, so may be the odd one out. The 2 other trips I had booked to Peru were cancelled due to lack of numbers, so glad to be going on this one, my first with Exodus.

Will be staying on Friday 29th at the Comfort Hotel and as we have to be at H/row at 04.20, a bit worried about the Hoppa service. Can anyone confirm it will be O K at that time or should I walk or take a taxi?

Orrabest,    Malcolm  


I will also be staying at Comfort Hotel the night of Fri 29th - I believe the Hoppa bus will not be operating early enough for our check in - do you want to share a taxi to Terminal 2 ?

I had thought I might be number 17 as often find I am the only single person on such group tours but it looks not this time ... hurrah !

I can't wait for this holiday - booked back in February ! It will be my first time south of the equator. The only down side is the long flight - bound to leave me dazed on Day 1.

Leave a message on this forum if you want to share a taxi & provide a contact number to facilitate meeting up at Comfort Hotel.

Cheers, Mike



Hi Mike,

Will be my first holiday in the Southern Hemisphere also. The nearest I have been was last year in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia with Explore, my 9th holiday with them. The earlier ones were mainly singles but over the last few years, couples predominate!

Onywye, will be delighted to share a taxi. My mobile is 07952 350222.

So see/hear from you, evening of the 29th.

Orrabest,     Malcolm   (I had to use Malky, a name I hate, for this forum as Malcolm had already been taken).


Looks like Malcolm & Mike will be sharing a taxi from the Comfort Hotel for our early check-in on Saturday 30th August - if anyone else is also staying at the Comfort Hotel & wishes to share same taxi, post your name & telephone number on this message board & we'll try to meet up ....


Hi group,

There must be more out there who are joining Mike and self, so don't be shy. Let us know. I will try to remember to bring the 'UNO'.

Orrabest,    Malcolm

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