Hello! Anyone else going on this holiday?

I booked this holiday on impulse as I decided it was high time I stepped out of my window.

I went with Exodus last year to Tuscany which I enjoyed very much & very much looking forward to the next holiday. Croatia is supposed to be very beautiful but need to do some homework on the area so I know at least a little about Croatia when I get there.


hi yes we will be on this trip to croatia,this is our second trip with exodus and we were very happy with their arrangments last time.i have just bought the lonely planet book so will be doing a bit of light reading.


Where did you go last year with Exodus?

I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one going on this trip! Went to the library last Saturday to borow a book on Croatia, but haven't had chance to swat up yet, but hopefully will have chance this weekend.

Looking forward to meeting you. Julie.

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