Cycling Vietnam 23/8 - 7/9

Hi there.  I'm looking forward to my trip to Vietnam and was hoping to 'get to know' a few others who are going before we take off.  Would love to hear from you. Tanja


Hi Tanja … welcome to our little group J


We had a little “post” back in July (see an earlier page) and 3 of us said hello; Tess, Florence and myself. I believe that there are ~14 on the trip in total (I’ve not checked lately) but no one else has “declared” … yet.


I guess with only 10 day to go we may as well get to know each other as best we can, to make it a bit easier on day 1. I understand that there are quite a few single travelers, so it’s always an advantage if you can immediately put a face to a name.


I may as well start … I’ll be traveling on my own. I’m currently working in the Middle East, so will be flying independently to Malaysia, but I am on the same flight as the rest of you from KL – Saigon. I’m not much of a cyclist, but have been putting in 30mins a day on an exercise bike for the last few weeks, so hopefully I won’t be too sore. I’m really looking forward to it and hope that the rains have passed.


Will see you in Saigon (or say “hello” on the plane from KL if you can guess who I am!)


Hi Stuart! 

Thanks for your response.  Wasn't much of a cyclist either but decided to take it up - hence the holiday. I too have been trying to get a bit of practice so I don't fall too far behind.  Cycle at the weekend with a couple of spin classes (some of which nearly killed me).

I'm in London and thought an active holiday would be a good way to get away from it all and meet new people. I'm quite excited to do this... and get fitter ; 0 )

I'll am travelling from London.. and hope to meet some fellow cyclists on the plane or at the check in desk.  Would be great to 'know' a few people before heading out.  So have you done a journey like this before?  Thsi is my first. My sister recommended Exodus as she'd done an overlanding trip with them.  I also read the reviews and seen the pictues one of the girls used for a photography competition.  Definately has me all excited.

Anyway good luck with the cycling.... I'm off to a spin class in a few minutes


Hi Tanja!

I hope the spinning is going well … maybe the British boys and girls in Beijing are proving an inspiration to you. At 60km – 80km a day I think I may be falling behind as well, so don’t worry … you won’t be w/o company.

It’s sort of  my first journey of this type but looks like we booked for similar reasons; to get away from it all, meet some new people, and to try and get fitter in the process (hopefully without even noticing).

No news from anyone else yet … come on Tess, Flo and all you others! only 6 more days to say “hello” and not be complete strangers. See you next Sunday.



Hi Stuart and Tanja,

Glad to hear we are in the same boat re training and preparing for the trip.

It's my first cycling holyday too and I am really excited about it. Having a break from the rat race, getting fitter, visiting a new country and meeting new people are my reasons for booking this trip.

To give you a bit of background on myself, I am French and have been living in London for the past  13 years, it's my third holiday with Exodus. I went to Kilimanjaro and trekked in the High Atlas with them, both holidays were fantastic. However, I have decided to try something different this time, hence a cycling trip. I have not been able to do much outdoor cycling in preparation for the trip and have never cycled 70km a day in hot and humid weather before, so this holiday could be a challenge...

I will be going from London too Tanja, so I may see you at the check-in on Saturday. Stuart, we'll try to find you on the plane from Kuala Lumpur!



Hi Flo and Stuart

    Well it sounds like we're all at the same level where cycling is concerned.... good news.   Only a few more sleeps. Horray. See you either on the plane or at the meeting point.  Have fun packing!


Hi all

 I live in  Edinburgh and flying down to Heathrow on the red eye. It would be fab to catch up with people at Heathrow but I dont know the airport well at all

 I was doing a bit of cycling but with the lousy weather have not been out for weeks except a gentle cycle to and from work along the canal.

 We are sure to be fitter at the end of the holiday :-)

 I have never been on an  Exodus holiday but friends have and their reviews have been great. I am getting rather excited now"


nb I am 44 yrs old, short with curly brown hair! See if you can spot me. Perhaps we should all wave our padded short... or maybe not!!


Welcome !! 

Not long to go now... I don't think any of us are terribly fit so sounds like you'll fit right in.  See you at Heathrow...

Happy packing.


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