just returned from la isla grande trip in cuba and absolutely loved it.  The country is beautiful and the people are lovely.  we were warned about unexpected hiccups along the way but fortunately for us, it all went very smoothly.  Some of the hotels did have their own little quirks like the russian one in Moron that only had hot water between the hours of 6 and 9, but by day 3 we had learned to go with the flow and looked forward to getting together with everyone in the evening to find out what "quirks" they had with their rooms! It certainly makes you appreciate how lucky we are here and how easily we take everything for granted.

A few small gifts for people are much appreciated, particularly in the mountainous regions where people sometimes wait for up to a week for transport to get to the nearest towns.  Take ball-point pens and soap/shampoos. 

If you go to santo domingo, ask the hotel about getting your nails painted.  Most of the ladies in our group got finger nails or toes painted (i have the cuban flag on my toes!!) by a couple of local ladies in the village.  It was a great experience as they invite you into their homes to meet the family while sippling real cuban coffee. 

 have a great time - I WANT TO GO BACK!!!!!!

Can you tell me what kind of footwear is needed on this trip? Is there much trekking or rough terrain or will it be ok just to bring standard trainers (sneakers)? I'm going on the Isla Grande tour im 2 weeks amd can't wait!



Hi there, I've just returned from this trip and had a great time.  Footwear wise, there are only a couple of walks: the first is really gentle and a pair of Teva style sandals will be absolutely fine, the second is a bit more arduous and a pair of walking trainers will be better for that, particularly if it's been raining as the route can be a bit "off terrain" in parts, although it's on a proper trail (this is the walk up to Fidel's mountain HQ).

There are still regular requests for soap etc and you can take the little hotel bottles en-route to maintain your supply to hand out.

Am v jealous as I'm now back in work and it feels like ages ago since I was away!  Say hi to Ale (from Sally & Jo!) and that we hope his new-ex-new bottle of rum is lasting better than the last one.

 Enjoy the mojitos!



does anyone may say how much money (approximately) should i take for this trip???im going in august, really looking forward :))

I have the same question how much money to take?  I go on 4 July



It’s really great to see that you are looking forward to your upcoming trip to Cuba!
How much money you will need depends a lot on how much alcohol you consume and how many of the optional activities you choose to do. I appreciate its difficult to judge as you need to take it out in cash!
For food and water for an average person I would suggest around £450 plus extra for alcohol and any of the optional activities that are listed in the Trip Notes that you wanted to do.  In addition remember the 25CUC departure tax!

Have a great time

Elaine (Exodus)


did anyone bother to take a laptop? We're traveling 3wks in December, and would like to stay in touch back home. I know that Havana has wifi, but we're going to be in remote places. any advice on this?




hi, none bothered to take a laptop... its not easy to get internet access in cuba... there will be some places, like hotels when you can try to use internet, but not always the web page is opening (read: very slow internet they hv there) lol

there is even problem with using mobiles, not everywhere you will hv reception !!!!

ad the begening of the trip you hv this feeling you wd like to be in touch with family, but after couple of days the feeling will be gone!!!!!!!!

thats why Cuba is charming - people live in withouth laptops, mobiles etx. at thats the best way to enjoy this trip!!! leave the laptop at home!!!!


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