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Is anyone coming to Italy with me?!

Hi guys - I was the first person to book up on this trip and that was ages ago!  It would be great to know that there will be some fellow travellers (otherwise my holiday will be cancelled!)  Would love to hear from you if you are. 



Hi Julie,

Yes, we're coming and see trip is now fully booked.  We were third and fourth booking we think.

We're really looking forward to it but, due to the v early start from Gatwick, we're taking Easyjet from stansted at a much more civilsed time and picking up hire car so we'll see you at the hotel.

Shela and Gary


Hi I am coming and I got the last place.  I will see you on the flight.  See you in 3 weeks. Lesley


We are coming as well. Just got round to looking at this.


Phil and Sarah

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