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Lycian Activity Week - 13th October 2008

Hi guys,

 Anyone going on this trip? I'm all alone!



Hi Jonny,

I'm booked on this trip too!  Apparently there are 2 other girls and another guy travelling alone and a father and son duo!  Sounds like a good group so far!

Are you flying out on the group flight?



Hi Jo!

 Nice to hear from someone else who's going! Yes, I'll be on the group flight. Where will you be coming from? I'm more than likely driving down from Cambridge on Sunday night and staying in a hotel to miss the traffic on Monday morning. What were they thinking booking the flight for that time?!!

How did you manage to find out about the other people? I'm feeling a bit in the dark!

 Hope you're well,



I hate to brag but I live in London so I just have a 30 minute train ride to the airport!  Although knowing me I'll still be there ridiculously early because I'm always paranoid about something going wrong or getting delayed! 

I asked about the group when I booked and they were able to give me general details like age, gender etc.  They also said there would be a couple of other Exodus groups staying at the hotels so the evenings could be quite lively! 

Have you been on any holidays like this before? 



That's pretty handy, living in London! I was thinking about getting a separate flight from Stansted or Luton, as they're much closer, but that leaves my idiotic self a bit too much opportunity to end up in Iceland or something!


Nope, not really been on any holidays like this before. I'm a fairly active outdoorsy person generally but I'm going to be a complete amateur I think!

 How about you? Any ideas on the age ranges on the trip?


ps, you can also get me on [email protected]


My first time too!  I used to do some outdoor activities at college but that was 8 years ago!  I'm still into sport and fitness but I haven't done anything like this since then.

Anyway I'll drop you an email regarding ages etc.  Don't want to upset or offend anyone before we leave!  ;o)



Hey Johnny and Jo! 

Nice to "meet" you both and even nicer learn that I'm not the only one travelling on their lonesome! This is my 1st exodus hol and despite being a bit of an "outdoorsy" person like you guys, I'm also a complete amateur in the activities on the trip but they sound like they'll be pretty cool to throw myself into!!

I'm also intrigued as to how u got info on pple on the trip and ages etc etc!! I'm hoping I'm gonna be  about the average age but not wanting to open my mouth and put both feet in!! You can find me on [email protected] and it'd be nice to touch base with a couple of pple before Monday morning so it doesn't feel like I'm happily wondering into the abyss (and knowing me, onto the wrong flight too!!)


x x x


Hi everyone!

I'm also on the trip! I can't wait, I'm really excited now!  I'm also pretty outdoorsy but a total amateur at all the sports, I can't wait to try them though.

I'm on the group Gatwick flight, so hopefully catch some of you at the airport before we head out.  I'm coming down from Manchester the day before, and staying with a mate in Balham, London.  My e-mail is [email protected].

Looking forward to meeting everyone


Sue Hogg

I'm also on this trip, but am travelling alone, I missed out on the group flight, but get in a cople of hours later, so please save me some food..lol

This is my first time abroad alone and also flying alone and am very nervous, but am looking forward to meeting everyone.

my email address is [email protected]



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