Walking in Andalucia anyone going on 31st August?

Hi this is my first solo holiday and am really looking forward to it. Just wondering if anyone else is out there who is going on this same trip, would be great to hear from you.


Hi there!

 I'm also going on my first solo holiday and I'am really looking forward to it! I'm a 41 years old (or young, that's how you look at it;-) woman from Holland and very fond of Spain, the sunshine, the people and the language.

 Hoping my flights gonna leave on sunday the 31th august, because the pilots from the airline Transavia are going on strike...

 Looking forward to meeting you all!

 Greetings from a rainy Holland.




This is my first time with Exodus - very excited. My friend went on this trip last year and had a great time. It will definitely be hot!

I'm an Australian/German living in London. I love everything spanish and am studying the language for my dream trip to South America.

Looking forward to meeting you both. Safe travels.



Good to hear from you both though am now a little concerned as you both seem to speak spanish where unfortunately i do not know any! Although of course by the end of the week all that will have changed.  I too am looking forward to the lovely sunshine which will be such a lovely welcome from the weather we have been experiencing during our so called Summer.  This time next week we will be well into our holiday and enjoying all aspects of our trip.

Looking forward to meeting you both next Sunday





Hi, my name's Chan, 28 year old female.  I'm going on this trip too.  I'm currently living in a cloudy Manchester so am looking foward t o a  bit of sun.  This will be my third solo Exodus trip, but my first time to Spain, so I don't speak any Spanish either.  I'm really looking forward to it, and Exodus really do organise all aspects of the holidays well.  I'll see you all in Malaga, as my Manchester flights lands around the same time as the Gatwick one.  Looking forward to it.



Hello everyone!

 Nice to hear that I'm not the only one who's going on her first solo holiday;-) and that everyone is looking forward to it.

 Kirsty, no need to get concerned, I speak a little spanish, just enough to order some food and drinks and say hello to the locals, but my english is very much better:-). I just got home from work and my holiday is starting now.

Looking forward to meeting you all and wish you a good and safe trip to Malaga!

 See you all Sunday!




Hey All

Hope you got back safely home. Thank you for an awesome week and lots of laughs. Can't wait to see some of the group shots...I need to download mine as soon as I am out of holiday mode.

Has anyone seen the email from Bill with email addresses?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Michelle x


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