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Classic Kenya Safari - AYM837 13th Sept

Hi all, I'll be on this trip with Al (husband) but we're not flying out with the group, so I thought I'd say hello here.  I'm not sure the internet was even invented the last time we travelled with Exodus (1990-ish!!) but other than that, it all seems pretty much the same kind of vibe that I remember so I'm looking forward to it - and am in a frenzy of camera and bino shopping lol.  See you all at the Holiday Inn in Nairobi!


Hi, My wife Jenny and I are flying out the day before this trip arriving at The Holiday Inn the late evening before we all meet up on Sun 14th. Possibly see you for breakfast before the others arrive.



Hi Roger. Yes, we also fancied a decent night's sleep before starting the trip so we're on the Virgin flight landing early morning on 13th - I'm guessing you're on BA then? I wonder if anybody's been hardy enough to take the trip 'off the shelf'!

I'm just starting to put a packing list together and wondering if I've got the right clothes, having not been to this part of the world before - I get the impression the nights are chilly, so it might be quite cold being around the camp in the evening. Have you been to east Africa before?


Yes, I have been quite a few times. It usually does not get really chilly - minimum about 10-12 degress celsius - more usually 15 or so. We are taking pyjams and a fleece (maybe also need the fleece when we get back!). It usually warms up quickly in the morning so it is shirts and/or t-shirts. One point is to take long sleeved shirt (top) and long trousers for the evening to avoid mosquitos - these should be light coloured as mossies tend to go for dark colours (most animals have dark legs).

Hope that this helps,



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