CUBA - Who else is going?

Hi Everybody,


I was hoping to find lots of messages from others going on this trip but probably, like me you haven't really had time to think about it yet. My name is Tony; I've been on two previous Exodus trips, both on my own because my other half doesn't do tours so much as lying on the beach!  Both were fantastic so I have high hopes for this one. Would love to hear from anyone else who will be going.


Hi Tony

I just got back from a walking trip to Madeira, so wasn't really in Cuba mode until the trip details came yesterday. I have been on quite a few Exodus trips now. I think this is my seventh, and are usually really good. I don't do lying on the beach either! It will be interesting to see how the larger group (18 people) works, but the last review of the trip sounded great



Hi Debbie, 

Thanks for your reply. I guess we have to wait for the trip itself to hear from the others. See you then.


Hi Tony,

I've only just got around to checking out this site hence the late response. I've been on several Exodus Discovery and Trekking trips and thoroughly enjoyed all of them so lets hope this one is just as good.



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