Thailand Encompassed - Trek boots?

Is there anyone reading this board who may have come back from

this holiday that could give an insight on the type of footwear required for the trek?

A combination of weight restrictions and only needing boots for 3 days. is the reason

for my question. And what in your opinion would be best?


I have seen the video on You Tube titled 3 day Trekking in Thailand, and it

does give a good idea. Though if someone reading this board has been with Exodus

I think it would be just as informative, and help to give a complete picture.

Thank you



I have just come back from trekking in Borneo. In the tropics you want light, ventilated (non-waterproof) hking shoes which are quick drying. Heavy waterproof boots will make your feet hot and will take ages to dry if they get wet inside in a torrential downpour. I went through the rainforest in Borneo and up Mt Kinabalu in a pair of low cut, ventilated hiking shoes. Examples of these would be Scarpa Oxygen or Merrell Ventilator. Also watch out for those leeches and mosquitos, wear long trousers and spray 'natural' insect repellent on your shoes and socks.





Thank you for the advice, as they are only needed for three days out

of the sixteen, they will need to be for general use as well. Which seems

to fit the bill.

I am amused, yet puzzled, on your "spray 'natural' insect repellent"?

You have me guessing, I cant see the joke yet?



No I'm being serious. By 'natural' insect repellent I mean repellent with no DEET. These use eucalyptus and citronella instead.  They have been proven in research to repel leeches.



I did the Thailand encompassed last year and I just had my lightweight trek shoes. They ended up getting caked in mud and wet through but don't worry...when youget back to chang Mai you can get them cleaned and when they come back they look brand new!!! A few of the other guys had leather walking boots and they take forever to dry. I personally thought the shoes I had were fine and would go with them again.

Hope that helps! If you have 'Bandit' as your leader, he's ab's brill and if you like martial arts ask him to take you guys to a Thai boxing match in Chang Mai as he did with us, starts off slow but we all really got into it!







Thanks for the info. I read what Jon wrote re the  Merrell/Scarpa shoes, and my thoughts are yes, they are ideal for Thailand and it's terrain, but they wouldn't be of much use in England. As we know walking in this country on even the brightest of days, there is a possibility of rain or crossing wet fields, which wouldn't make ventilated shoes very useful. 


If I may ask Shannon, I would value your opinion for suitability of the * ALS Mens Kimmel sandals for this part of the adventure/holiday. I have a pr for the beach/waterfall etc, but I'm wondering whether to buy a more durable pr of approach shoes (albeit taking longer to dry out), but would be of more use when out walking back in this country.

* Blacks Outdoor web site.


Thank you very much for any further advice.



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