Amalfi Walk of the Gods

I'm going to the Amalfi coast in a week and am just wondering about how hard the walk of the Gods actually is? I'm more than capable of steady walking, just not so brilliant at uphill (although I guess a lot of this will be downhill?!). And wondering about how long it is, whether there is a stop to drink, etc etc. Any advice gratefully received!



Hello Amy

The Walk of the Gods from Bomerano to Positano is along a rocky path, with only a couple of short uphill sections and a strong downhill bias. This isnt always a highlight however, when you see how many steps there are snaking down to Positano beach.

I would recommend walking boots, as the path is fairly rough underfoot and that you are prepared for some incredible views across the Amalfi coastline.

Our leader ensures there are regular stops for the group along the way but there are no coffee shops etc to stop for a drink until we reach Positano, where we enjoy lunch. The daywalk usually takes 6 hours including stops.

I sincerely hope you have an excellent trip.
Amanda (from Exodus)

Don't worry about it! The smell of herbs as you brush through and the fab views more than compensate for what is really not an endurance test. Steps down to Positano can seem like the last straw - but there is a short-cut to the bus stop if your leader is feeling kind!! Bomerano is a superb centre, more food than you can eat, and I wish I was coming back with you. (I was there Christmas 2008.)

Make that Christmas 2007!!


so glad someone asked this question, I was beginning to worry..I too can alk miles but just don`t/can`t do hills that well (glad I`m not the only one)...I managed lynford gorge over here and that was very steep in places so sounds like I`ll be okay...phew   

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