AMH - HIGHLIGHTS OF MOROCCO - 14/09 to 28/09

Hello all,

I've just registered for this trip and with only a week until departure! It seems the trip is fullish now so there must be a few of you out there as excited as I am! If you would like to meet at Heathrow for a cup of tea and introductions I'd be delighted to see you there. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Kind regards,


ps. I'll be happy to exchange contact details with anyone who'd like to get in contact. 


Hello Richard!

We booked up for this trip ages ago, and were assured that it would almost certainly go ahead as it normally fills up year after year. It looks like it has this year too!

We're heading off to Casablanca the day before the main tour starts but look forward to meeting you there on Sunday evening.

 Scott & Fiona.


Hi Richard,

I'm going on this trip too! I hope to be  at Heathrow about 3pm. Would be good to meet up there.


Scott and Fiona,Have a safe early journey and I look forward to seeing you in a little over a week. :) Caroline,Great - someone to save me from blowing my spending money on duty-free gadgets at the airport! If you (or anyone else who is coming and sees this thread) would like to send me an email to [email protected], we can exchange telephone numbers rather more privately and arrange a meeting point. I will also be at Heathrow sometime around 3pm.

Surely there are more than four of us! :)

If anyone wants to try and spot me in the Royal Air Maroc queue I have a bright red North Face duffle bag and will doubtless be using Exodus labels too...  otherwise see you all on Sunday evening.


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