Everest Base Camp 9th November.

Hi to the 11 other people going on this adventure with us. Dad and I are looking forward to meeting you all. So who else is on this trip ???


Ian (son) and Paul (Boss)


Hi Ian & Paul,

I've just booked my place on this trip, as far as I am aware there are now 14 of us going! Youngest is 18 and olest is 63 so there seems to be a nice mix of ages, so should be great but am a little nervous of the altitude.... Have you two done similar trips before?


Paul Knight

Hi, Nice to hear from you. We did have a chuckle at your response, that must mean Dad is the oldest member of our group but probably the fittest.

No neither of us have done any altitude walking before, but from what I've read, one trip you can be fine and the next trip it could hit you. So what will be will be..............we'll be fine, I'll bring a paper bag with me  !!

 I'm really looking forward to it but have so many questions for exodus, so I'm going to give them a call now. Are you on facebook ? Ian Nicholas Knight, London region.



Hi Ian!

Good thinking with the paper bag!!!! I bet your dad will put us too shame.Def' looking forward to it though, should be a challenge and hopefully a laugh along the way.

I'm on facebook. Shannon Pearce, look me up if you like. Would be cool to keep in touch. A friend of mine has done this trip and she just got in touch to chat about it, she had an amazing time there, said it was hard but well worth it. They had two people airlifted out due to sickness!!!! ( oh crap! ) I think as long as we don't go crazy - no running up for me - then we'll do okay.

Anyway, am sure you're busy, chat soon





Hi guys, my partner Fraser and I are two of the others with you for this trip.  Sounds like we are middle (ish) agewise - i was 40 earlier this year and he's just slightly my toyboy at 37.  Glad to hear you are nervous of the altitude stuff too - take things slowly I think and hope for the best.  Any last minute tips for things to take with us that aren't on the trip list?



Hello Froggie & Fraser!

Good to hear from you. I can't believe its only two weeks away, better start getting myself sorted out! I received my Exodus bag the other day and wondered 'will it all it in?' then thought 'well it'll have to...'. I've done trips with Exodus before but nothing like this so nunfortunately I don't have any major tips for stuff to take. Apart from baby wipes and a head torch - Petzl ones are really good. Have you guys done much training for it? I keep getting people asking me what training I've done but I haven't had time to do anymore than what I normally do, which is running and Spinning and weight training...hope it gets me through....:-)

 Chat soon



Same as you Shannon although with all the spinning I would think you are well ahead of us.  A bit of walking up Leith Hill in Surrey but I don't think that's going to compare - bit late to worry now though!  I think on the packing front we just have to accept that by the time we gat back to Kathmandu no-one is going to want to get too near to the smell!!  God bless solar showers - ay least its an incentive to get to the lodges first!


Hello everyone! Me and Tia are the young ones on the trip (both 18) having just finished school, so we thought we would do this for some entertainment on our gap years. we are both very much looking forward to it although are both a bit worried about the altitude  but hopefully it should be alright. We were just wondering about the quantity of clothes you are all taking as at the moment we are not sure what to pack! looking forward to meeting you all soon

 Alex & Tia


Hi girls,

 We are going for the pack light option - not something I'm very good at, plus we'll probably be the first to start smelling!!!!  We've invested in some merino base layers which seem to be the latest in thing - should insulate and last a few days longer than synthetic materials. (If you live near Kingston in Surrey there's a shop selling merino at half the price of anywhere else - just its last year's style). 12 kg each for the small aeroplane isn't it? (might be 10 actually) but won't take long what with sleeping bags etc.  Look forward to meeting you guys - not long now!


Oh no! Not long now....the packing begins!!!! Packing lightly isn't something that comes naturally to us girls is it!!??? But we'll try, I'm trying to go for the light stuff and dead practical, so all my 'normal' clothes are out the window! Helly Hensens, fleeces and loads of socks, at least my feet shouldn't smell too bad...

Few pair of trousers and some leggings to go underneath if its cold and whatever else will fit in the bag.

Looking forward to meeting you all, hope we have a great time. The other Exodus trips I've been on have been great and we've always got on with eachother okay and muddled through it. We're all in the same situation so we'll take it slow and try to breathe deep!!!!








Hi to you all I am George and will be coming on the trip with my friends Fred and Darryl.We are at the older end of the age group, Looking forward to the trip I have been told the  altitude thing will be ok as long as we take it easy so no racing.Looking forward to meeting you all.




Help anyone out there still trying to pack the kitchen sink??  I really hope our suitcases aren't the largest!!


Hi all,

 Hope your trip was good - I'm booked on this on March 1st this year and are I'm having trouble keeping the weight to the 12kg limit.

 Did you split your kit between hand and main luggage and if so, was your hand luggage weighed?

What did you end up packing? Amount of clothing etc?


Hi, I think the group would agree that we were by far the most overpacked!!  We tried to trim it down at home first but still ended up with suitcases that a small family could have lived in!!  We did manage to leave quite a bit at the hotel, if you find you are missing something you can buy anything and I mean anything at Namche.  The hand luggage wasn't weighed and there is in theory an extra 5kg allowed for it.  The bags were also checked in at Kathmandu as a group so those that took very little subsidised those of us that got carried away.  We didn't pay any excess baggage for the flight to Lukhla but I'm told it is very cheap anyway.  Etihad were great at Heathrow and very relaxed about the baggage limits - no promises though it might depend on who checks you in.  Hope this helps - enjoy and take things slowly, the views are amazing but it really is the hardest thing I've ever done!!


Thanks for the help - trying to pack to 12kg limit is proving next to impossible.

Did you pack more than 12kg in total? And do you reckon that they won't check the handluggage? It was starting to look like I was going to spend the entire trip in one change of clothes!

I know I'm not going to be able to take much, but if I'm able to assume that 5kg or thereabouts handluggage is also allowed on top of main kit, then I'll be ok?

I wasn't sure if the 12kg was enforced and it was tough if you were over - if I'm over the limit with my total kit (main and handluggage) will I just have to pay a charge?

I was beginning to think I might have to chop the handle off my toothbrush to save weight....

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