AYU - Gorillas & Masai Mara - 3/4th - 18th October 2008

Hello All,

My name is Andrew and I am going on the Gorillas and Masai Mara trip from October 3rd/4th to October 18th.

I've had a bit of a mix up with my flights as I was under the impression we started the trip from Nairobi. Hopefully exodus will be able to re-schedule my Kigali to Nairobi flight that is booked for the 18th October to a flight that flies Nairobi to Kigali on Ocober 3rd.

Anyway I can't wait for the trip. I've been on an Exodus organised holiday before to Machu Pichu and the Amazon rain forest. I had an excellent time then, the schedule was packed with interesting activities and the guides were excellent.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone else that is scheduled to go on this trip.

Hi Andrew - I'm going on this trip with my friend - we're doing the particapatory one.  Which one are you doing?  I hope you/Exodus have managed to sort out your flights.  Reading through the other posts for others going later on in the month there is some really useful information.  I've been on several trips with Exodus before and been to Africa a couple of times - I'm really looking forward to seeing the Gorillas and also going on safari.  Not long now - can't wait.     Juliet


Hi Juliet

I am also going on the participatory trip. Its the reverse itiniary that leaves Kigali on October 4th.  I'm really looking forward to the trip tpp. Not long now. Under three weeks. I have managed to get my flights sorted after much to'ing and fro'ing. I've used Exodus once before and had a good trip. Went to Peru a few years ago. This trip looks amazing on paper. I'm sure it will live up to its billing.

 Assuming we are on the same trip then I'll see you on October the 4th in Rwanda (wow)



myself and 2 friends are going on the particapatory trip 3/4th oct and cannot wait. i've also been on the inca and amazon trek with exodus which was an excellent experience.

the itinerary looks intersetsing on this trek. are you both going on the hot air balloon and white water rafting, which should be a laugh. One thing i'm really hoping to see is the great migration!

under 3 weeks now!!!!!



I'm booked to go on the balloon - I'm undecided about the rafting I did it 3 years ago on the Zambezi and survived so don't know if I'm pushing my luck doing it a 2nd time!  It would be fantastic to see the great migration - so fingers crossed.

Look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.

Andrew - you definately need to take a sleeping mat on the particapatory trip - I've just read it on the trip notes!



Hi Juliet & Paul,


Thanks for the tip re the sleeping mat. I will be purchasing one this weekend. 

As far as the ballon trip is concerned I have made a reservation for it. Looks like it can't be missed. I'm up for the rafting as I've never done it before. I have also never bungee jumped and I doubt I ever will. Been thinking about doing it but I remember kloofing in South Africa a few years ago and remember being terrified, I'm not sure what the point in terrifying yourself is. 

Anyway can't wait for the 3rd. Look forward to meeting you all.

Are you all taking preventative malaria pills or are you going with the type that cure you should you contract it?




Hi Everyone

I am going on the Gorillas trip with my mate Peter. Its my first time with exodus but I have been to the Masai Mara twice before. I'm really looking forward to it although I am a bit apprehensive about changing flights in Nairobi. hopefully we will bump into other party members who know what they are doing! 

Did anyone read the article in the National Geographic magazine, a few months ago, called "Who killed the Gorrillas?" It seems that there are several factions fighting over the illegal charcoal trade. The Rangers try to stop it and in revenge several Gorrillas were murdered.

Look forward to meeting you all. Best wishes



hi everyone, me and my girlfriend Linzi are going on this trip with Paul (Linzi's cousin). Paul has been on exodus trips before but its our first holiday of this type. Really looking forward to it. Not long to go now. I have noticed that Kevin is from Middlesbrough, we are from Billingham, are you getting a flight to Heathrow from Teesside - if so we will see you there.


Hi Steve

Your from Billingham! small world. We are travelling down by car as the return flight from Teesside seemed expensive and included a long hang around in the airport. The train was just as expensive! 

No doubt we will bump into you in the boarding lounge. Look forward to meeting you; I can't wait for the holiday.....1 week to go.



Hi Everyone

We are Jason and Andrea and we are coming on the trip on October 3.  We are from Huddersfield and will be travelling down on Friday for the flight.  We have never done an Exodus trip before but are both really looking forward to it. We have booked to do the ballon flight, but not sure yet about the river rafting.  See you all there.



Dont know if anyone else has seen it but heres a lot of comments and info from people who've been on the trip before on the AYU trip site dated 17th October.


yeah...there are some good tips on what to take. gaiters not required allegedly!

Kimberley_ Don

This trip is a good one....you will love it.  one thing that might surprise people is that you have to totally unpack your bag and put everything in it in a locker that gets shared.  you have a little compartment but be prepared that all you fantastic packing will be undone in the first few hours and you will be in disarray from that point on.......  Otherwise the entire thing is a blast!  Pack lite, take toilet paper, and maybe some soap to wash out your clothes.....go lite!!!!!!

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