Essential information!

Hello to anyone booked on this trip! 





Yes, Im going on the Essential Peru trip.  Cant believe that it is only one month to go & cant wait?  So have you been with Exodus before?  Bit worred about the altitude sickness - have you managed to get anything for it in the UK?  if not I think we will need to rely on the coca leaves.

Frances & Doreen are also coming and we have emailed a few times. Are you travelling by yourself?

 Be good to hear from you and discuss what you plan to take with you on the trip.

 Enjoy Michelle

Hi Michelle et al

The H and L could be mistaken for Laural and Hardy but it doesnt! We are Heather and Laura, friends of about 26 years or so- she,s the nice one! I am the bossy one! 

We are really looking forward to Peru as neither of us have done South America before although we are both fairly widely travelled.

I gather the coca leaves are the best for altitude - no knowing if it is going to affect you util you get there I guess!

keeping packing to a minimum, taking old clothes that can be ditched in order to make room in the case for peruvian goodies eg textiles etc- so no fancy clothes at all!

 Off to work now , keep in touch.



Hi Laura & Heather

Im the same - never been to South America but done abit of travelling in the past. Have you travelled with Exodus before?

So how is your Spanish - Ive been trying to learn but without success Im afraid! Hopefully most places they will speak english - if not just point & smile.

Are you going on the flight from Heathrow - Im on KLM - you?

Yes, trying to work out what to take.  I think layers are best and yes, no posh dresses - just jeams & t-shirts etc. 

So are you doing the Inca Trail?

Hope to hear back from you soon.




Hi folks!


Just wanted to say hello as I'm also going on 5 Oct - very excited as only 2 weeks to go.  I think packing could be my biggest challenge over the next fortnight!

 Look forward to seeing you all in Departures



Hi Diane

Good to hear from you.  So are you going on the KLM flight from Heathrow? Yes I think it would be good to compare what we are planning to pack - I keep on changing my mind.  So are you travelling by yourself and doing the Inca Trail?

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Michelle

The trip I have booked only does the train to Machu Picchu so just there for the day.  It was a tough choice but I wanted to do Nazca Lines and Colca Canyon etc which werent available on the inca trail trip - are you?  I'm going on my own as well on the KLM flight.  Packing wise I'm taking a bit of everything but keeping to a bare minimum - 10kg is a bit of a challenge but I'm sure will be fine. 



Dont deprive yourself- the luggage allowance is 20 kg!!!!!!



The trip notes say we can only take 10kg for this tour and give a size restriction for the bag!


Ok for my own piece of mind I have spoken to Exodus about the allowance.  As I am not doing the Inca Trail or Rainforest extension they have confirmed the allowance is 20kg - feel like I have been given a whole new lease of life (well my wardobe has anyway!!!) 



What time are you guys all checking in?




Hi All

Is everyone checking in at Heathrow on the KLM flight? if so maybe it would be good to meet at the airport before we check in? Cant believe that it has come round so quickly.  Really looking forward to it.


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