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Meet the Others

Hi guys - Just wanted to see if anybody's interested in some "Pre-Trip-Chat" before we start exploring together in a few weeks



My husband & I are also going on this holiday.  Would be good to chat before we head off on the adventure.

Nice to meet you.

Nicky (& Nick - yes, my hubby & I have practically the same name <g>)


hi Nicky & Nick!

Thanx for your reply - was gettin a bit worried but feel better now.

Not long to go, very exciting. have you been on any trips with exodus before? This is my first. first time out of europe actually. can't wait to enjoy some sunshine in november! Looking forward to meeting you both.



Hi Nina,

I'm not sure many people check this site....I didn't even know it existed for a while ;)

Not long to go at all - all very exciting!! We've been on 2 Exodus holidays before  - one to Jordan & the other La Ruta Maya (we've also done an Explore trip to Cambodia). 

Exodus is a great company to go with - the holidays are fantastic & you meet lots of like minded people.

Looking forward to meeting you too.

Nicky :)








Hi Sara & Michelle!

Will be great to meet you - I can't wait. Honestly had enough of the rain, looking forward to some sun and gettin to know new people!

I'm not flyin with the group either. When do you get into Casablanca? I'm flying in from Marrakesh at about half past 6 I think.

See you soon!



We're arriving in morocco (Fez) the day before. spending the night there and making our way to Casablanca the next morning by train. planning to get to Casablanca in the afternoon, check in....then spend some time relaxing there. even we can't wait. we booked quite a while ago so there was a lot of build up! we're a bit lost as to whether to pack for warm or cold weather. we think generally warm with a few cold nights...hope we get it right. gettin new sleeping bags today too! the ones we had were not cold enduring enough as we use them in Malta which does not have extreme temperatures. anyway, hope all goes well. see you in 3 weeks time.



Hi All

I'm joining this trip too. It will be the first time I've travelled with Exodus. Really looking forward to it and meeting you all. See you soon.


Hi Sara, Michelle & Joe!

Lovely to chat to you all here before we head off to Morocco.  Looking forward to meeting you all in person & having a blast on holiday.

Nick & I are getting the flights with Exodus, so may see some of you at Heathrow, if not we'll see you in Casablanca :)



Hi guys

 from the feedback section I got the feeling that we should be taking really warm clothes! what are your thoughts on the issue? i was only planning to get a few warm items for the desert and the mountains, I am under the impression that the rest of the trip would be quite warm? ideas....anyone?




Hi Michelle & all the rest!

I think you're right about the mountains&desert, that's where we'll need warmer clothes. Other than that I think temp will be warm, not hot, but warm, at least for British standards.

I got a long-sleeved base layer, will take a pair of jeans, outdoor pants and pyjama bottoms plus a warm jumper and fleeze - other than that short and "summery".

I'm sure that'll do.

Really getting excited now - got this and next week at work and then I'm off for some last preparations and pre-packing, un-packing and re-packing my rucsack...

See you all soon



yes getting excited myself, keep telling my friends at work only 3 weeks to go, flying out of Heathrow myself so hope to see some of you there!!


Hi guys :)

I think you're right Nina...the weather will be warm but not hot from my understanding.  But it'll most likely be cooler in the desert - especially at night - usually is.

I'm going to take some travel trousers, long sleeve top & a fleece - apart from that mostly summery clothes.  I tend not to take jeans (although I may take some cutoffs/3/4s) on Exodus holidays.....too bulky especially to pack - but that's just a personal preferance, some people do take them.

Joe, Nick & I are travelling from Heathrow so we may see you there.  I'm blonde & 5'3" & he's dark haired & 6'4" - kind of hard to miss ;) 

Looking forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks!!

Now to brush up on some Arabic <g>



Arabic? I'm desperatly trying to remember my French... ;O)

See you all in Casablanca in 18 days!


hi (girls)!

i have 2 questions? are you getting any strappy tops or do you think that we need to have shoulders covered at all times? secondly, are you getting towel(s)? i don't suppose they will be supplied in gite and tents?




Hey hey - near enough counting days now - can't wait to get out of work!

I've got a large and a medium sized travel towel, never used one before but it feels fine and weight and packing size is fab.

I will take a couple of shoulder-free tops and a thin short sleeved shirt to "cover up" when necessary. I guess we should only really be considerate when in the cities and around people. When we're travelling in the car or hiking I guess shoulder free should be acceptable. At least that's how I decided that issue for myself, been thinking about it too.

Now I've got a question for you guys - will you take a sleeping mat for the few nights that we're camping? I got a light folded one I am considering to take but am still not sure if we really need one. Help anybody?

Ant input's much appreciated!




...that should read ANY, not ant - don't want any of them in my sleeping bag...


not even considering taking mats...too much hassle. i'm sure they will provide something and the sleeping bags are just replacing bedding. might get an sleeveless top then and if i get shouted at i'll blame you! :-)

see you soon.




Rudd and Lisa here, looking forward to the trip and to meeting you all.

 Question for the men:  are you bringing shorts?  sandals? 

Hi Rudd and Lisa [and everbody else]

I think a couple of pairs of zip offs would cover both options for shorts/ trousers and a pair of sandles and decent boots ?

Looking forward to meeting you all :-)


Hi Lisa & Rudd (& everyone else),

@ Michelle - I will most likely bring a couple of strappy tops, & like Nina, an overshirt to put over the top if needs be, but mostly I'll bring short sleeve tops.  As Nina said, I would think strappy tops may be okay on the bus, but in cities & towns or when meeting people I expect that we'll need to cover up being a Muslim country.

@ Nina, I'm not taking a sleeping mat, never have done, but then again I can sleep most places ;)  When we camped out in Jordan it was on the sand, so that's pretty soft anyhow & moulds to you <g>  I assume Morrocco may be a similar set up during the camel trek & Bedouin camp etc.  

@ Rudd, my hubby Nick is going to bring shorts, & probably flip flops, but in terms of everyday shoes & for travelling he hasn't got any sandals, so no ;)  Are you & Lisa flying from Heathrow with the group?  I notice on the final joining instructions that only 5 people are noted as doing so - 3 of whom are myself, Nick & Joe - are you the other two?

Looking forward to meeting you all soon :)


We're flying from Paris.


Hi all - just wanted to add to Rudd's message that our flight from Paris gets into Casablanca at 4:45.  Also, I've been looking around for more guidance on packing and found an actual packing list on a website for a tour that sounds similar to ours - 15 days, coast, desert and mountains.  I'll be glad to post it if anyone is interested.  I'm not bringing everything they suggest but I found it helpful for categories!

Looking forward to meeting you a week from Sunday - 


Hi Lisa & Rudd

would be great if you could share the list. can you post the link. Sara and I should be in Casablanca by the time so might see you at the hotel prior to the others' arrival.

See you soon.



Hi - 

I don't have the link any more but here is the list.  As I said, I'm not taking it completely literally...

Recommended Clothing

The following list was compiled by our Trip Leaders in Marrakesh, with many suggestions from past Morocco travelers. You will need every item, except those indicated as optional. You won’t need much else, and you won't have room for much else in your duffel.

Short-sleeved cotton shirts: 4 or 5. Polo-style shirts are more versatile than T-shirts.

Long-sleeved cotton or cotton-blend shirts: 2

Trousers: 2 or 3 pairs, comfortable and loose fitting. (One lighter, one a bit heavier for warmth at night in the desert. In April or October, bring two light pairs)

Walking shorts, long-cut for modesty: 2

For women: 1 or 2 travel skirts

Wide-brim sun hat or visor for sun protection

Light cotton or wool sweater as motor coach air conditioning can be cold

Shoes should be comfortable walking or running shoes

Underwear: 7 or 8 changes

Socks: 7 pairs

Optional: swimsuit, in case a hotel has a whirlpool or pool

The following are recommended for travel from November through March only. They are optional otherwise.

Medium- or expedition-weight long underwear top. Look for Capilene or polypro

Long underwear bottoms

Light wool or fleece sweater

Polartec fleece jacket, or a medium-weight insulated parka

Warm hat and light gloves





Hi Lisa & Rudd! Thanx for posting the list, very helpful!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.



Hi boys & girls!

A week today we'll be waking up in Casablanca - how exciting!

Happy packing and safe journey everybody.



i am also leaving from London - see you there. Monique


*giggles*  It would seem that I read your departure as the 23rd & not the 9th to the 23rd ;)

In which case we're not on that trip ;)  Nick & I are departing for Morocco on the 23rd.  Have fun guys!  Guess we won't see you there, but look forward to hearing what it was like.


hi nicky

 it's a pity..we had got used to the idea of having you on the trip plus i wanted some advice about the ruta maya trip which i believe you went on with exodus....

we will compare notes when we get back.




Hi guys,

begining to get a bit confused now (not difficult for me!!) who else is flying out of heathrow on sunday?

See you then.


No, you're okay Joe, it was me that got confused lol  You guys are heading out on the 9th - I read the dates wrong & am not heading out on that trip - Nick & I are on the one departing 23rd :)  Ooops.

Yeah, I was getting used to the idea too Michelle - really I should read these things properly.  Perhaps we will meet if we're flying in as you guys fly home ;)

Feel free to ask away about the Ruta Maya - it's an excellent trip & I have lots of photos from it.

You never know, perhaps we'll meet on a future trip. Hope you all have fun & look forward to discussing our experiences.


Any shutterbugs coming along on this trip?  I'm an avid amateur, would love it if there's anybody on board who could teach me a thing or two.  Looks like a lot of great photo ops; would like to be able to take max advantage of them.


we're off this morning. will spend the night in Fez before we head out to meet you tomorrow...hopefully!

see you in Casablanca.




Hi Folks

Kept forgetting to log in to this site until this a.m. Ron and I are on this trip flying out from Heathrow, we are travelling down from the North early Sunday morning.  We have been on a number of Exodus trips and thoroughly enjoyed them all. 

We are travelling light, found the clothing guidance on the trip notes to be a good guide.  Look forward to meeting up with some of you at Heathrow.



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