EBC 13th october

hi i am going to EBC in october. A few questions, i have a -5 F sleeping bag, should this be sufficient?

Also a  water filter is listed as one of the things to bring, is this necessary?

Third and final question, i am coming from the states so will be getting to the hotel on my own. It will be later at night so i was wondering if there are safety issues, can i secure a taxi inside the airport etc.





I'm booked on the EBC trek as well, but leaving from London on 12th.

The trip notes suggest that temps can reach -15C at night at altitude so I guess -5F (-20C) should be fine.

They are supposed to supply boiled water at the lodges, but notes recommend purification tabs (Iodine based).  I am taking a bottle which has a built in filter.

The trip notes have details of making your own way to the hotel.  If you don't have a copy, i can try and dig out mine when I get home.  I'm sure you could get a taxi, and Kathmandu is meant to be pretty safe.

Anyway, see you in Kathmandu!

Cheers, Paul 

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