Kilimanjaro - Rongai route 26th December 08

Anyone else booked on this trip?


Hi Rachel, I'm on the trip. A late entry in the process of being signed up now. Already excited and wondering if I ought to be gettting some practice in as it's been a good five months since I was last treking. Christopher


Hi Christopher, I keep swinging between being really excited and having a complete panic! It seems to be coming around all of a sudden - we booked months ago and it all seemed so far off as to not be a concern, but now I am thinking I really need to get off my backside and put a few miles under my belt! Have you done much walking to prepare?



I'm not a great advert for preparation. It's all a bit flat round where I live. There's a couple of hills but you'd be up them ten minutes. I do a bit of mountain biking and I'm back at the gym regularly. I'm hoping that will help. I still want to put in a some long walks with my boots on though as it's an entirely different exercise to what I'm used to.

Have you done any treks with Exodus? I went on a trek with them back in May and they do take care of you and force everyone to maintain a sensible pace. That said I've a friend who did a Kili trek a few years back with another firm and couldn't complete it because of mountain sickness. He regrets he wasn't all that fit and that may not have helped but he still loved it and encourages anyone to go.

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but really looking forward to it..

Hi , I am actually travelling on the 6th Dec departure but haven't been able so far to get in touch with anyone. Are you planning to use trekking poles on the trek? I have never used them on any walks I have done in the past but I gather they are useful on the descent. I have no illusions about making it to the top; the general advice seems to be go slowly. I read that it tends to be people who think they are superfit who tend to get hit by altitude sickness because they go too quickly.

Best of luck



Hi Christopher & Brendan

 Yes, we will definitely use poles. They make a massive difference on loose ground - just like having an extra couple of legs to balance you - and they help knees on decents especially when you are tired!

As for training, we're just trying to keep everything moving and get off the sofa and walk somewhere at the weekends. We travelled with Exodus a few years ago to Borneo and did Kinabalu, but not been on a proper trek with them before.

Nobody really knows how they will be at altitude, sometimes you will be badly affected, other times not so badly. Go slowly and keep hydrated is the main advice.

Had a girl at work today say "oh yeah, that's what Chris Moyles & Cheryl Cole are doing" - all credit to them if they do, but it seems very flippant!


Hi Rachel & Christopher.... are you both on the trip that starts the climb on the 20th December? - if so I am too!

Hello, hello,


Not actually going on this one, but I went up in Chrismas 2006, up the Machame route.  It snowed for the last three days of the trip and so the night before the long ascent was spent in a tent deep in snow at about 4300m altitude.  The midnight ascent was awesoem, crisp, clear and rugged, with a magnificent, truly breathtaking (and leg shaking) sun rise overlooking the snowscene, which was up to our thighs at the top.  Even the guide remarked that he hadn't seen as much in ten years.  I managed the trek in a pair of training shoes, but it got a bit slippy on top of the snow and I needed a bit of egergy.  Suffered a bit of snowblindness, but all part of the experience.  This was part of the Tanzanian Volcano Trek that also included Mt Meru, 4th highest, then I went on to Zanzibar for New Year and chilled (heated) by the sun blessed sands.


Enjoy the exhilaration!






Hi Clare

 No, sorry, we aren't on the same trip as you, we don't fly out until Boxing Day. Really not long for you now! Just got home from the post office as our trip bags arrived today - all seems very real now!


Minor panic - I just re-read the trip notes as I was buying the last couple of missing items I might need and then realised I'd completely forgot about the visa. Has anyone got any experience of getting a visa on arrival? or is this just too risky? I may head to the Embassy instead during the week to do it in person.


Sorry, no help on this one, we've already got ours. Only had them a few weeks and they were back with us in less than a week. Obviously, with it now being the run up to Christmas, I'm not sure I would want to bank on the postal system!

They say you should be able to get them on arrival, but as I understand it, you don't have an automatic right to one and because we actually have an emabassy, if they are having a bad day, it could be difficult. If it was me and you have any chance of getting to the Embassy, I would - just for peace of mind!

Just got back from the 6th Dec trip. Many of the people on the group just bought their visa in Kilimanjaro airport. There was no long queues, no hassle and it was alot cheaper than the price I paid in the UK.



Hi Christopher, as Brendan says getting a visa at kili airport is no problem whatsoever.

Jay (legs still aching after sumitting Friday) 

have fun!! 

Alison H

I'm also booked on this trip and am looking forward to it.  Having pre-trip panic about airport connections etc and also hope that I can get my visa at Kilimanjaro.  Once that is all out of the way I'll focus on getting to the top!


Hi Alison

I'm sure as everyone has said, you won't have any probs getting your visa  - I just naturally worry about things like that and would rather get them out of the way!

 Just a few more days at work, Christmas Day and then we are off - it all seems to have come around in a rush! I think I will just be glad to be on the way now. Are you connecting somewhere in the UK or is it at Nairobi you are worried about?


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