Any fellow travellers out there?

Hi guys,

My friend Carlotte and myself are off on this trip and just wondered who our fellow travellers were?


I am Melanie and am booked on this trip and am getting very excited!! There's some good tips on some other threads on things to take. 

This is my first Exodus trip and I think this forum is a great idea.

 Looking forward to meeting you guys!



Hi Mel!

I cant wait! Ive never been on anything like this before so im really excited! Are you travelling alone? We were worried it may all be couples and us two single girls! Where abouts are you from? we are in Guildford, surrey.

Looking forward to meeting you! Jo




Hi Jo!

I've never been with Exodus before but went to Vietnam and Cambodia earlier in the year with another company which was cool. I was worried it would be couples too, but at least that's three of us that aren't!

I live in High Wycombe in Bucks. Really pleased to know there are some girlies to join me! My trip earlier in the year was a bit more 'luxurious' with nice hotels so I think this might be a culture shock;) Should be fab though!  

What made you guys think to do this trip? Do you know who many we have in our group?







Hi mel,

 I think there are 14 of us, (think group size is usually 18) but we will proberbly meet other groups at the campsite as well! Im a bit of a primate freak, this has always been a dream of mine, would actually be quite happy going up to see the gorillas everyday, im quite gutted we only go once. Charlotte has done this sort of thing before and it was pretty much decided over a glass of wine one night! How about you? Are you flying from heathrow?




14 seems a good number. I've picked up a few things from other people's posts about what we might need:

Fleeces (hats & gloves too as I think it could get chilly)

Layers and long sleeves especially for seeing the gorillas.

Mesh zip bags - I can't remember the name of these but they sound a good way of keeping your stuff together and easy to find as we have to empty our bags in the truck.

Head torch! Vital for night time loo visits I think....although I'm not planning on having too many of those!

Ipod speakers - I have some of these! Only little but they should do the job.

I'm off for my yellow fever jab tonight- hope that doesn't hurt too much!

Deciding over a glass of wine sounds pretty good to me! I think I probably did the same - I have the travelling bug this year and am trying to make the most of it.

Yes, am flying from Heathrow.

How old are you guys? I am 30...just;)



Thanks for the tips! Will deffo looki in to the zip bag thing!! (why do we have to empty our bags out?)

We should be on the same flight then! Are you on facebook? if so look me up joanna darmoo (there arnt many of us so you will find me easy!) At least we will know what each other look like!! We are 34 so not much difference! How exciting!!

Dont worry about the yellow fever, didnt hurt! and im needle phobic! Its a shame no one else has posted anything on here!

Do you know who your sharing a tent with?




No idea who I am sharing with as I booked this on my own... hopefully someone who will reassure me if there are noises in the night!

Apparently we have to put all our stuff in locker type boxes on the truck, though I'm not sure why we need to empty the bag to do this. I did think of some more things we should take but have now completely forgotten them! Oh, one tip I did read was that some people bought some bottles from the duty free on the way over so they had a few drinks in the evenings.

Hopefully more people will join us to chat pre trip - I think it's a fab idea as you can start to make friends before you go.  

 I will look you up on Facebook!




Hi mel!

 Im liking the bring a bottle idea!! Im also bringing some tshirts to trade with, and for the kids, i must get loads of travel sickness pills too!! Not sure how im going to fare in the jeep!! Just sent you a message on facebook!

You are so brave doing this alone! Charlotte went to nepal by herself and had a great time....apart from the blisters! Your right this is a great idea to meet first, im suprised no one else has been curious. Oh well!!

Chat to you on facebook!


hi guys...

finally got round to putting my trip onto my profile - and so happy to see you guys are already on here.

Am another singleton girl  - so now there is 4...brilliant!

liking the tips on what to pack - have only just started thinking about it. but after doing a trip earlier this year where the outdoor facilities were an absolute delight (not!!), the headtorch is a must! bought a great one which is on a stretchy band, and can put around your wrist etc

if you guys fancy hooking up on facebook - you can find me as tracy rooke





hi Trace!!

Yippee!! Another girly!! Fancy being tent buddies??

 See you in facebook,



hi tracy,

cant find you on facebook, look me up joanna darmoo, my name us nice and simple to find! Mel is on my friend list as well!! Jo


Hi guys,

I just thought I'd see if anyone else had registered with the 'departure lounge' and here you are!! My name is Paul (27) and I'm also travelling alone, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself now! I've got to say, I'm very relieved that I'm not the only 'independent traveller' as I was getting worried. Now I'm just wondering if there are any other gents joining us??

 Did anyone else have to pay an additional flight supplement of £50? I was told that the cheaper seats were fully booked and I had to pay more, but still for economy so I can't help but think i was getting ripped off!



Hi Paul!

Welcome to the party! Nice to know we have some more independant travellers! Whereabouts are you? Are you flying from Heathrow?

I had to pay £10 extra, and I booked around a month ago. If you have only recently booked then maybe there was limited flight availability?

Have you done anything like this before?






Hi Mel,

 I'm originally from London, but haven't lived there since i went to Uni. I'm currently in Nottingham, but am regularly back in London to see family and friends. I will be flying from Heathrow, so may get to meet up with some people before the flight(??)

I've spent a year travelling and working my way around Australia, but that was 4 years ago now and i haven't left the country since! I've recently rediscovered my taste for travelling though, so thought i'd fulfill an ambition and go on safari. I can't wait.

How's everyone getting on with their 'shopping list'? I'm starting to panic that I'm not going to be ready in time!



Hi paul,

 I had to pay an extra £50 but they said it was for fuel increase...! I think ive got everything but i havnt got much! I think im travelling too light!! Are you on facebook? Look me up and join the party! (joanna darmoo)  At least we are all flying together by the sounds of it! Jo


i'm the same - so far all i have is a mat and a headtorch! this weekend is dedicated to shopping :-) but i don't think really need to pack too much - just make sure have something for wind, rain and cold evenings - and wash clothes along the way.

only 17 days to go...if any of you guys are in london, would be great to meet up beforehand??


I'm not in London, but only about 45 mins by train from High Wycombe.

If anyone does fancy meeting up how about the Thurs/Fri/Sun of the weekend before? Can't do Saturday as I have a date with a hot man (my 3 month old nephew;).)


I don't know where i am at the moment, I'm running around all over the place; Northampton today, London tomorrow, Bristol on Saturday and Sunday and I'm definitely struggling to find time to get everything sorted before the 24th.

Unfortunately I've never found the will or the time to get registered on facebook (or myspace, bebo etc), so i'm pretty limited to this forum at the moment, and only really when i'm at my desk at work.

 Is anyone watching Big Cat Diary at the moment? I can't quite believe that I'll be there in a little over 2 weeks!  


i keep missing it - managed to catch a whole 2 minutes the other night-  but oh the cubs are soooo cute! can't believe we will be there in 16 more sleeps :-)

mel - i can't do the sunday i'm afraid, so looks like trying to meet up beforehand may not happen.


I've been watching the Big Cat thing. I sooo hope we see these guys!

Hopefully we'll hear from a few more people from our group before we go.  


Louisa Keel

Hi There,

I just thought I would say hi as well.  I am Lou and  I am a bit of a techno phob so eventually managed to work out how to log on the forum (but with only a day to go...)  Am mighty relieved to see that there are quite a lot of other independent travellers - I thought it would be mainly couples!     

Anyway looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at the airport for fun and adventures!

Take care




Hi Lou.....better late then never! See you tommorow, my number is 07808610485 some of us girls have already swapped numbers so we can arrange meeting at airport! Jo

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