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Hidden Treasures of Jordan AXE842 Dep 17th Oct

Hi there,

Just wanted to say hello to all my follow travelers I cant waite for the trip. I see there are 16 of ous going and just wanted to find out more about you all.

My name is Louise and i am coming over from I reland and will be there the day before you all but coming back on the group flight.

I am traveling on my own as single and my friends are not into this type of holiday, I am 35 and work with adults with learning disibalities.

I hope to hear from some of you.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon. 

Jo Lloyd

Hello there, I'm coming I'm Jo originally from London now living in Birmingham. Single too and just turned thirty.

 Very disappointed we didn't get a list of fellow travellers in joining instructions. Look forward to seeing you in amman.



Hi JO,

Great to hear from someone didnt think was going to get a reply. only one more day to go, i have packed and unpacked and repacked again what a nightmare.

Yea it would of been nice to see who is on trip, we will find out soon enough now.

Looking forward to meeting you there. Have a nice flight  Lou


Hi. I'm 34 and live in Worcester, although originate from Cleveland, and work in the Record Office. Like you I'll be coming on my own.

Look forward to meeting you soon.




I'm Christine (Chris) and seem to be the oldest at 52 (currently, will be 53 on Thursday) and live in Leicestershire. Also travelling on my own - most people think I am mad going on 'this sort of holiday' - I keep telling them they don't know what they are missing.

Have got my rucksack out and my camera ready, but really need to get down to some serious packing.

See you soon.



Great to hear from you both and looking forward to meeting ye.

Chris i think its great that you are coming on this hol and you are right they dont know what they are missing. Happy birthday.

I am in London to night staying with a friend and heading out 2mor. I thought I didnt have to much stuff in my bag but after carring it for a while i might be mistaken, well two late now.

Looking forward to meeting you both a


Jo Lloyd

Well hello everyone i have to say i've packed repeatedly too and not sure I have enough conservative clothes or money. Got three hours ona coach before getting the flight so hoping to sleep on way to combat jetlag later. Hope someone has the right adaptor as i'm very unsure what type we need.

Anyway see some of you on the flight and the rest in Amman.


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